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Software Overview- Categories in SoftGuide

Business Solutions
.B4.04  Cash book
  Business Management
.B3.46  Collaboration
.B3.47  ERP - Add-ons
.B3.17  Organization
  Controlling and Cost Accounting
.B5.04  Controlling
  Human Resources
  Production, Procurement
.B1.01  CAD, CAE, CAM
.B1.17  Construction
  Project Management
  Sales and Marketing
Industry Specific Software
  Construction- and Craftsmen Software
.C3.23  Carpenter
.C3.98  Other Trades
.C3.09  Tenders
  Healthcare and medicine
.C6.07  Pharmacy
  Manufacturers, Industry
  Organizations and Institutions
.C4.31  Accountants
.C4.35  Rental Shops
.C2.12  Food Trade
.C2.14  Jewelry Trade
.C2.08  Photo Trade
.C2.02  Textile Trade
  Transport and Logistics
Standard Software, COTS
  Internet Software
  IT Security
  Multimedia Content
  Network Management, Communication
.A2.09  RFID
.A2.10  Sharepoint
.A2.11  Tobit David
.A1.08  Frameworks
  Standard Software, COTS
  Technical Software
.A5.07  Big Data
.A5.08  Data Mining
.A5.05  Simulation