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The market overview shows software from the area of asset accounting or asset accounting. Asset accounting (AnBu) is the part of financial accounting. The basis of asset accounting is the recording and management of long-lived assets such as land and buildings, technical equipment and machinery, vehicle fleets, operating and office equipment of the company. Important tasks of fixed asset accounting are the determination and posting of depreciation (AfA) as well as the valuation and posting of additions and disposals of fixed assets.

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With the help of fixed asset accounting software you can evaluate your fixed assets. It supports the preparation of the fixed asset schedule and inventory and the evaluation or report generation. Various imputed costs are included in cost and activity accounting. These include, for example, imputed depreciation of fixed assets required for operations.

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seventhings - The asset manager for successful companies
Easy asset accounting with our intuitive software & app
Easy asset accounting with our intuitive software & app Thanks to the integrated interfaces to financial accounting, the seventhings software provides a good basis for always supplying asset accounting with up-to-date information about the inventory. Since all information about the assets and the rest of the inventory is available on one platform, the processes in asset accounting are also significantly optimized.
Parsec.NET - complete solution for asset inventory
Assets inventory system with RFID and barcode
Assets inventory system with RFID and barcode Asset inventory - inventory software - inventory management with barcode and RFID - inventory execution. Interfaces to SAP, Diamant R/3, UNIT4, DATEV, Wilken, Entire, HIS, ProAlpha, Infor, Schleupen, MACH, NAVISION, Oracle, Sage, Orbis and many more. Parsec.NET ensures a resource-saving and comfortable administration of your systems in compliance with legal regulations.
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