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The software solutions that are used in the context of Internet use are listed here under Internet software. Often these solutions are operated via a web browser such as Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari. Some of this Internet software is referred to as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or is operated by the provider. In this case, the software and the associated IT infrastructure are located at an external service provider and are used by the user as a service.

Internet software includes the solutions content management systems (CMS), CTI programs for telephone integration, e-mail programs and mail servers, HTML editors, web stores, software for web servers, intranet and VPN, webmaster tools and web statistics programs and others. The software solutions are described in more detail in the respective sections.

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Software categories:


Organizers of auctions and operators of auction portals will find the software passing in their area of the operation.

Computer Telephony Integration, VoIP

CTI software solutions enable the user to assign incoming calls and to access and process the corresponding information.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

This overview shows current CMS systems that can be used for managing content on the Internet as well as on the intranet.


The e-commerce software listed here includes lean from entry-level solutions as well as high-end store systems and supplements for ERP solutions.

E-mail Management Software, E-mail Servers

The systems and tools listed in this section are suitable for both IT admins and sales people, e.g. for mailing lists, spam filter plugins or monitoring tools for servers.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Enterprise content management systems capture, manage, and store content and make it available across the enterprise.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Here you will find a current market overview of software solutions around the Internet of Things, e.g. for smart logistics, BDE, MDE, etc.

Internet Software (miscellaneous)

In this section you can find general Internet software used in the context of Internet usage, such as special browsers, tools for downloads, search engines, etc.

Social Media Tools

This section lists social media tools and software for multi-channel publishing, social media marketing and monitoring.

Web Server, Intranet, VPN

Software for web servers can be used e.g. for performance monitoring. VPN software enables, among other things, the secure integration of the field staff into the intranet.

Webmaster Tools

Listed in this section is e.g. SEO software, web crawler, spider, searchbot and other web tools e.g. for geotargeting.

Website Builder

Current market overview of web editors, web application creation tools and web design software solutions.