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Software for Healthcare, social work and Medicine - Categories Overview

In the section Software for Healthcare and Medical Software and Healthcare Software you will find industry software that is specifically designed for healthcare and the medical sector. This includes, for example, industry software for medical and dental practices, hospitals and clinics, laboratories and pharmacies, veterinary practices and rescue services. Special solutions are also listed for retirement and nursing homes (incl. software for nursing documentation, etc.) and facilities for the disabled or social institutions, among others.

The industry software is specially tailored to the needs of the healthcare sector and helps you, among other things, to optimize patient care, to make business processes more efficient and to make data from individual areas available, for example, across wards. Medical software and healthcare software usually contains all the functions needed for the operating process and is adapted to the specific requirements of the healthcare sector.

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Software categories:

Aftercare, Rehabilitation Centre

The software listed here is designed for use in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation clinics, medical aftercare centers, spa clinics, convalescent homes and sanatoriums.

Case Management Software for Health and Social Services

This section provides an overview of case management software listed for health and social services. The listed software helps to centrally track information about individual cases or projects.

Common Health Service Medicine

The general healthcare and medical as well as eHealth software is suitable, among others, for social institutions, providers of medical technology solutions and services as well as for clinics, care facilities, social support services and physicians in general.

Dental Practice Management

Current market overview of dentist software, software for dental clinics and dental laboratories with patient, master data and practice management that is suitable for use in individual practices, group practices and joint practices.

Eye and Hearing Care Management

Current market overview of software for opticians, eyeglass stores, hearing aid acousticians that supports the sale of eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, etc.

Hospital Management

The software is aimed at hospitals, clinics, health centers, private clinics, healthcare service providers, SPA, Beauty and Vital.

Integrated Disability Facility Management

Current market overview of software solutions for institutions for the disabled and homes for the disabled, including caregiver management in social institutions.

Laboratory Information Management

The laboratory software or laboratory information and management systems (LIMS) are aimed at laboratories in a wide range of disciplines (pharmaceuticals, quality testing, building materials, environmental laboratories, etc.).

Medical Practice Management

The business software for doctors and medical practices listed here is aimed at human doctors, dentists, specialists, alternative practitioners as well as homeopaths etc.

Nurse Documentation, Nurse Scheduling

Current overview of software for nursing documentation and nursing planning supports nursing anamnesis, master data collection, nursing planning with evaluation and implementation documentation, etc.

Nursing Home

Market overview of industry software and management software for outpatient and inpatient care facilities, nursing homes , social and diaconal wards and retirement homes and senior residences.

Patient Transport, EMS

Current market overview of industry software for ambulance services, rescue services and medical driving services and aid organizations.

Pharmacy Management

The software listed here is aimed at pharmacists (mail-order pharmacies), MT specialist retailers, medical supply stores and specialist medical retailers. Among other things, the software maps serial number and batch tracking.

Physical Therapy, Alternative Medicine

The solutions listed here for alternative practitioners, physiotherapists, physiotherapists usually include appointment scheduling, staff and patient management (incl. automatic reading of the insurance card, billing of all patient groups, etc.).

Polyclinic Management

Software overview of solutions for medical care centers and polyclinics, medical centers and specialist outpatient clinics. The solutions include, among others, process optimization for operating theaters, medical documentation and physician letter writing.

Quality Management in Healthcare

This section lists software for quality management in healthcare. Clinics, medical practices, dentists and care facilities etc. have to pay attention to structured and optimally designed processes remote from the patient. A QM system can support the work perfectly.

Social Institutions

Current software overview of programs for social institutions, social workers, social pedagogues, social psychologists, Caritas, DRK, Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband, ASB, Johanniter-Unfall-Hilfe etc.


The veterinary practice software and software for veterinarians and veterinary clinics listed here mostly includes customer and master data maintenance with treatment data and vaccination management, animal identification and appointment management.