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Software Categories

Invoicing, dunning, digital signature...

Accounting Department

Financial and fixed asset accounting


ERP, BPM, DMS, Collaboration, RPA, ...

Business Management

Sales, BI, Reporting,...

Controlling and Cost Accounting

HR, eFile, salary, shifts, times,...

Human Resources

BDE, QM, SCM, warehouse, CAD, procuremen

Production, Procurement

Project management, resources, ...

Project Management

POS, CRM, Marketing, Callcenter, ...

Sales and Marketing

Building calculation, window constr. ...

Construction- and Craftsmen Software

Laboratory, Practice, Nursing, ...

Healthcare and Medicine

Steel, mechanical engineering, food ...

Manufacturers, Industry

Libraries, day care centres ...

Organizations and Institutions

Banks, Event, Hotel, CAFM, ...


Car, textile, mail order, wholesale, ...


Customs, fleet, freight forwarding, GPS,

Transport and Logistics

IoT, Shops, ECM, CMS, CTI, Intranet...


ISMS, Security, Backup, ...

IT Security

DAM, PIM, Digital Signage...

Multimedia Content

Remote, RFID, MDM, Sharepoint, ...

Network Management

CASE, Middleware, DBMS, Framework...


DTP, OCR, databases, editors...

Standard Software, COTS

Big Data, Statistics, MSR, Data Mining..

Technical Software

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SoftGuide provides a gateway between companies, authorities, organisations and the IT world with its Internet marketplace for business software. Software presentations mostly with screenshots and videos.

We have been successfully supporting companies in their software search for over 25 years.

SoftGuide also develops neutral solution proposals based on existing specifications or concrete problems and thus sees itself as a bridge builder in the digital transformation.

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Clear presentation of software products with function lists, interfaces and other technical details. Keyword search across the entire software market overview and in individual categories. Software presentations mostly with screenshots and videos.

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A direct comparison function for software is available in the categories. Select programmes for this and benefit from a clear presentation of the technical aspects and functions of the software.

Category systems

SoftGuide makes it easier for you to find the right business software thanks to the comprehensive and up-to-date market overview, divided into business application areas, industry and standard software.

Start-up company

Without software, nothing works in business anymore. Regardless of the first innovative business idea and the financing, start-up companies, like all other companies, depend on software to map their business processes. Start-up companies are usually active in a business area that is still emerging or that has not yet been established. A high level of dynamism is particularly characteristic of the start-up scene.

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