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Software categories:

Complaint and Reclamation Management

Complaint management software helps to process complaints, 8D report, service requests, as well as their documentation.

Cross Media Publishing (CMP)

Software for cross-media publishing supports, for example, catalog creation for print and online or the creation of training materials.

Driver's Logbook Software

Logbook software helps to keep a logbook for submission to the tax office. The data required for this is recorded in connection with the individual journeys.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Current overview of GIS solutions, geomarketing and geotargeting software. Control processes based on geographic-based data.

Help desk, Support

Software solutions for service management in the help desk and support area usually include a ticket system and a knowledge database, among other things.

Customer Service

Customer service software includes solutions for pre-sales and after-sales service processing.

Output Management

Output management solutions offer numerous functions for data preparation, data transfer and securing corporate design.

Editorial System

Listed here are, among others, XML editorial systems, software for editorial planning, logging of content and the management of contributions.