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Current Market Overview - Software for Human Resources

Human resources management includes personnel planning and personnel requirement coverage, personnel administration and management. However, human resources also extends into the area of personnel development, further training and personnel support. Typical further fields of activity are, for example, personnel deployment and personnel assessment, but also personnel release.

In this section you will find current software solutions for the administration of personnel data, recruiting and applicant management, personnel resource planning (PRP). Software for further education, instruction, eLearning, learning platforms or learning management systems (LMS) support you in the further education and training of personnel. In this section we also describe software solutions for duty and shift planning, time recording and payroll accounting. In the corresponding sub-category, software for health management and social management in companies is shown.

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Software categories:

Applicant Management

The market overview of current applicant management software shows solutions that map functionalities from the invitation to the job interview to the compliance of application management with the GDPR.

Continuing Education Management

Training and education management software optimizes the planning, delivery, and evaluation of training in enterprises and educational institutions. It enables course management, participant management, resource allocation, progress tracking and reporting.

Corporate Health & Social Management

Here you will find an up-to-date overview of software solutions for health management and occupational safety as well as software for training and instruction.

Digital Personnel File

Keep digital personnel files audit-proof and consistent with the help of the software listed in this section. In addition to the contract and other documents, the digital personnel file can also include salary data and hourly balances.

eLearning, WBT

Training software, software for web-based and computer-based training supports you in employee qualification, knowledge transfer and mobile learning.

Human Resources Software

Human resources software supports you with personnel data management and payroll and helps with the coordination of personnel assignments.

Learning Platforms, Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Compile learning content on platforms using the latest learning management systems, or LCMS, listed here to shape the training of employees and other users.

Onboarding Tools

In this category lists onboarding tools. Streamline the onboarding process for new employees with powerful onboarding software and facilitate their integration and training from the start.


In this current overview, you will find software for payroll accounting that supports various payroll types and takes into account the digital tax audit in accordance with §147 of the German Tax Code.

Personnel Controlling & Costs

Software for personnel controlling helps, among other things, with the creation of personnel statistics, employee surveys, personnel evaluations and takes into account the current personnel data stock.

Personnel Development

Here you will find software that supports you in recording the training needs of employees and the further development of your workforce, including mapping employee portfolios.

Shift Planner Scheduling

Find systems for shift schedulers which often have a difficult time planning of personnel deployment.

Time recording, working time recording

Solutions that are presented here map both mobile time recording and recording via terminals and desktops, etc.

Travel & Expense Managmenet

Here you will find software and templates for travel expense planning and accounting. This also takes into account the accommodation costs, travel costs, additional expenses for meals, etc..

Workforce Management

The mostly industry-neutral software for workforce management supports companies and public institutions in workforce scheduling, attendance checks or vacation planning.

Workforce Planning

Software for personnel planning is suitable for determining the demand for personnel and for planning the procurement and development of personnel, also e.g. for succession plans.