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Software for wages and salaries, payroll accounting, personnel accounting - current market overview

With payroll accounting software, companies can carry out payroll accounting for their employees as well as the payment of social security contributions as part of payroll accounting and manage corresponding transfers for wages and salaries to employees. As a rule, the payroll accounting solutions support the digital tax audit in accordance with §147 of the German Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung). They also offer evaluations and verifications for tax offices and health insurance companies. They usually include a central reporting centre for all electronic reports (e.g. DEÜV, ELENA, ELSTER, etc.).

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The software for payroll accounting supports the different payroll types, such as salary and fixed wage accounting, time, hourly wage or wage group accounting. For companies in the construction sector, there is special software for construction wages. As a rule, additional accounting for capital-forming benefits, company pensions, etc. is also taken into account. This market overview lists solutions for small businesses and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as for the public sector etc. In addition to software for payroll accounting, this current overview describes solutions for the recording of working hours, duty scheduling and disposition of employees, wage garnishments, as well as for employee awards and travel expense accounting.

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Sage HR Suite
Create your payrolls: legally compliant, on time, error-free.
Create your payrolls: legally compliant, on time, error-free. - Focus on security and convenience. - Automate your reporting. - Maintain an overview. - Optimize your personnel work.
Personnel management. Simple. Online.
Personnel management. Simple. Online. Manage recruiting, HR administration and payroll easily with HeavenHR. From hiring new employees to time recording and shift planning, you have all essential functionalities together on one platform. You can also map the entire recruitment process from posting to hiring.
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