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Spftware categories:

Additional Craftsmen Software

The solutions listed here are general solutions that are tailored to the requirements of companies in the main and ancillary construction trades.

Bakery, Butchery

Bake stores, bakeries, coffee shops and confectioneries will find an up-to-date overview of industry software that maps typical processes, including cash register connections and branch operations.

Construction Costing

This market overview shows current construction costing software for the costing or calculation of individual construction services.

Construction Diary

Here you will find a list of current software solutions that support builders and construction management in documenting or keeping the construction diary.

Roofer, Carpenter, Carpentry, Plumber

In this section you will find current industry solutions for roofers and roofing companies that depict the creation of quotations, measurements, order confirmations, etc.

DIN 276, Cost Calculation

Here you will find a current compilation of programs and forms on the subject of DIN 276 or costing according to DIN 276 in structural engineering and civil engineering.

Printing Shops

This market overview shows industry software for print stores, print service providers, in-house print stores, lettershops and direct mail service providers.

Electrician Trade

The software listed here for the electrical trade, electricians and electrical installers includes solutions for both electrical planning and electrical engineering.

Window, Door and Cabinet Manufacturing

Carpenters, joiners, window and door manufacturers will find up-to-date industry software that supports typical work processes and maps them efficiently.

Butchers and Nutcher Shops

Current market overview of software for butchers, butcher shops and party service operators. The solutions map the typical processes such as cutting costing, inventory, etc.

Tiler, Flooring Technician, Interior Decorator

Here tilers, interior decorators and floor layers can find suitable up-to-date software for mapping their operational requirements.

Barber, Hairdresser

Overview of industry-specific and industry-neutral POS software solutions and POS systems for retail and hospitality.


Current overview of tender software and programs.

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

The industry software listed here is aimed, among others, at landscaping companies, garden centres and cemetery garden centres.

Glaziers, Glazieries

Current market overview of industry solutions for glazieries, glass facade construction, glass trade, etc.. The software supports all typical industry workflows and processes.

Civil Engineering, Roadworks

Listed here is current software for construction companies for the main construction trade (building construction, civil engineering and road construction) as well as for architects and engineers working in this field.

Car Repair Shop, Repair Services

Car workshops, repair services and other workshops will find programs in this current overview that map the typical operating processes in the industry.

Plumbing, Tinsmiths

Listed here are industry solutions for plumbers and tinsmiths that fully support the specific processes of the industry.

Painter, Plasterer, Drywalling

Painters, plasterers and stuccoers will find in this section an up-to-date market overview of suitable industry software for mapping common operational processes.

Redevelopment, Reconstruction

Current market overview of software for companies in the fields of renovation, building restoration, reconstruction and damage restoration.

Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning

Listed here are software solutions for the SHK industry (sanitary - heating - air conditioning) and for ventilation contractors.

Dry Wall Constructions

Here, dry wallers can find suitable industry software that supports all typical business processes such as measurement calculation, costing, etc.

Other Trades

In this section you will find a market overview of construction software and tradesmen software for a wide variety of trades, such as scaffolding.


This section contains a current overview of software for carpenters and carpentry including features such as measurement creation with overmeasurement function, graphical representations of roof trusses and much more.