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The software for the electrical trade listed here includes software for electrical planning (e.g. control technology, fluid technology, electrical installation technology) as well as for electrical engineering (development of electrical devices, components, etc.) and industry solutions for electrical installation companies.

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Depending on the scope, the listed programs offer, for example, functions for calculations in the low-voltage network, for DC voltage or AC voltage. Documents can be created according to VOB, automatic cable and line calculations can be performed or, for example, electrical circuit diagrams can be created and overload conditions can be taken into account. The software supports the optimization of network feeders (e.g. transformer, generator, etc.). It can usually automatically determine the most economical protection devices and, for example, create test reports.

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WSCAD ELECTRIX - the E-CAD software
Planning and documentation with the E-CAD software WSCAD ELECTRIX
Planning and documentation with the E-CAD software WSCAD ELECTRIX WSCAD offers a complete set of tools for planning and maintenance tasks in electrical and automation engineering. The E-CAD software is specially tailored to the requirements and needs of electrical installation technology. The software is fast, intuitive to use and inexpensive. When it comes to creating professional installation and distribution plans for VDE-compliant documentation, the software solution sets the benchmark.
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