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Software for Electronics and Electrical Engineering - current Market Overview

Software for electrical engineering, for example, facilitates research and development for engineers in the field of production engineering for electrical devices. Electrical engineering is generally divided into power engineering and drive technology, communications engineering, measurement technology, control engineering and electronics. Common products in this area are solutions for short-circuit calculation, measuring device and tool management. Furthermore, one can find e.g. software for the management of street lighting up to tools for the creation of test protocols.

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Simply automated
EPLAN Fluid - Engineering solution for fluid plan generation EPLAN Fluid is the engineering tool designed precisely for the project planning and automated documentation of circuits of fluid power systems. It takes into account all four sub-areas of fluid engineering: hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication. The software solution follows an interdisciplinary approach. Thanks to the direct connection to the EPLAN platform, you can also implement tasks from other engineering disciplines in parallel ...
Engineering Base
Engineering software for industrial sectors - plant and mechanical engineering
Engineering Base creates unique continuity, parallelism of processing and consistency for all core disciplines from FEED to process to detail engineering, plus rebuild and maintenance. The principle of parallel, even simultaneous working of all core disciplines on the same plant model puts an end to time-consuming "passing through" of information. All data, once compiled, can be used directly by all participants, regardless of location, time or language.
EPLAN Electric P8
Power for electrical project planning and engineering
With EPLAN Electric P8, you can design your electrical engineering for machines and plants consistently, consistently and quickly in one engineering system.
EPLAN Pro Panel
Virtual 3D control cabinet assembly
With EPLAN Pro Panel Professional you design and construct control cabinets, switchgear and power distribution systems for power supply in 3D. In this way, you can solve diverse engineering tasks in just one software: from the electrical engineering schematic creation to the planning of the mounting layout in 3D to the virtual routing of connections. In addition, with EPLAN Pro Panel Professional you can also optimize the manufacturing processes in the enclosure and switchgear construction holistically: A wide range of data and information for manufacturing ...
CAD/CAE system for electrical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics
ELCAD is designed for the creation of electrical engineering circuit documents in all conceivable forms. The performance spectrum of the software solution includes open integration solutions for the company-specific engineering workflow and technical specialization up to hydraulics and pneumatics.
AE basic system for automated workflows in the engineering process
RUPLAN is an industry-neutral electrical CAE program for utilities. RUPLAN stands for computer-aided plan processing. The system is characterized by a high degree of user-friendliness and great flexibility in adapting to standards or, for example, company-specific requirements. The tool can be used to efficiently create electrotechnical documentation.
High-end engineering system for planning, operation and maintenance of I&C-technical plant
AUCOPLAN integrates data and documents from electrical and mechatronic engineering, automation technology and process engineering planning. The solution impresses with its extreme flexibility in adapting to special labeling regulations, engineering processes and documentation requirements. It is available internationally and is used in different standard areas and language versions.
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