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We focus on business software since 1996. Over time, we have been able to expand our databases to more than 54,000 solutions. We continuously monitor the market and keep an eye on the latest software trends and products! We are happy to help you find the right solution for your business.

Clear software comparison and structured project documentation
Easy-to-use project documentation that SoftGuide fills with project-relevant data and makes available to you free of charge.

Unser Service:

Let the SoftGuide Team do the search for you!

We do not receive any commissions from the solution vendors. This allows our team to conduct neutral and unbiased research for you. This service is mainly financed by entry fees of the software vendors in the software guide, which are independent of the respective research projects. In IT-Project section of our page you are able to view some of the examples of such projects.

The entire service is non-binding and free of charge. We thank you for your trust!

The experts of our research team

ansprechpartner Uwe Annuß holds a degree in business administration with a focus on business informatics. He founded the company SoftGuide back in 1996 to dedicate himself to the analysis of the commercial software market. The core competencies are in the areas of ERP, CRM, project management, DMS, sales information systems and industry software. The main focus is currently on topics related to digital transformation.

ansprechpartner Margit Müller-Marscholik supports software vendors in the B2B software sector. The core competencies are in the areas of dealer software, human resources and software for public organizations, healthcare, medicine and healthcare.

ansprechpartner Olaf Kram is a graduate engineer and has been working with B2B software for over 15 years. The focus is on production planning, PDA, MDA, warehouse systems, CAD, CAE, Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Industry 4.0, time recording and access systems as well as standard software.


Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH

The software research via SoftGuide was extremely helpful for us. The project-related questions and answers from the software providers had a decisive influence on our selection. The written documentation of the individual providers was decisive for us. [...] We were able to select a suitable solution in this way. We already find the SoftGuide research service very optimal.

Dr. Kai de Weldige,
Commercial Managing Director
Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH
Volkswagen AG Lackiererei Halle 15b

Your search was very helpful for us. Only by listing possible software providers did we have the opportunity to find competent providers. [.] From my point of view, everything went very satisfactorily. I would like to thank you also on behalf of my colleagues for the competent mediation.

Steve Liebschwager,
Material flow and process control
Volkswagen AG Lackiererei Halle 15b
Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe

I received contact details of companies that I did not know before and would otherwise probably only have found through intensive research. The information provided by the bidders led to a "pre-selection" [...]. For our purposes, your offer [note: the software research] or your support was completely sufficient. Our experience with the software providers was excellent. [...] Our goal of an early market overview was fully achieved.

Willi Scheele
Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe