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Accounting software supports areas from operational financial accounting, accounts receivable and accounts payable, fixed assets and payroll accounting, as well as accounting for public organizations.

Asset accounting evaluates and manages operational assets. A payroll accounting system includes functions that process wages and salaries. Software for electronic cash accounting supports the recording of receipts and includes the recording of cash movements. Depending on the size of the company, accounting software consists of simple surplus revenue accounting to complex financial accounting systems.

Depending on the software solution, other operational functional areas such as invoicing, cost and performance accounting, controlling, warehousing or archiving or document management are integrated in the accounting software, or interfaces exist via which data can be exchanged. Accounting software can also be used in the context of digital auditing principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access.

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Software categories:

Asset Accounting

Fixed asset accounting software assists in documenting the inventory and valuation of fixed assets. Among other things, the programs help to determine the value and property taxes.

Cash Method of Accounting

Current software solutions for self-employed persons and small businesses for the determination of profits within the framework of the preparation of the cash method of accounting, for the recording and documentation of all incoming and outgoing income and expenses.

Financial Accounting

Accounting software supports accounts receivable and accounts payable, asset accounting as well as payroll and financial accounting. Determine operational successes and ensure internal control.

General Ledger

Cash book software (industry-specific and industry-neutral) for convenient entry of bookings, display of cash balances and transfer of bookings to accounting or tax office.