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Current Market Overview - Controlling and Cost Accounting Software

In this current market overview, both software solutions for planning, management and control of various business areas and cost accounting software are listed. Business planning requires integrated and complete data collection functions for secure, precise planning, budgeting and demand forecasting. If a company wants to achieve optimal business results, it must plan effectively and be able to make forecasts.

Controlling software is a control instrument for corporate management and serves to prepare and support the decision-making process of the executive board or management. Cost accounting software is used in companies for cost and performance accounting or operating income statement. As an extension of financial accounting, cost accounting software is used for short-term planning and control of costs and revenues. Software for sales planning, sales forecasting and balanced scorecard is also listed in the respective sections. There are solutions for business intelligence (BI) and costing. Other topics important for corporate planning, such as liquidity planning, performance management, reporting and risk management are also covered by software solutions.

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Software categories:

Business Intelligence (BI)

Current BI software solutions and programs for data analysis are presented here. Use this software for planning and preview or for trend analysis, for example.

Business Planning

Business planning software helps to create simulations, forecasts and scenarios. Planning software can be used, for example, for sub-plans of different business areas (production, personnel, sales).


The listed solutions support the controller in both operational and strategic controlling. Display balance sheets, profits and losses or information on products and customers.


The listed solutions support the controller in both operational and strategic controlling. Display balance sheets, profits and losses or information on products and customers.

Cost Accounting, CRA

Market overview of current software for cost, performance and operating income accounting, for activity-based costing and cost unit accounting as well as calculation of planned costs and investments.

KPI, Balanced Scorecard

Determine, document, analyze, and visualize business metrics, key performance indicators (KPI), and prepare balanced scorecards and reports.

Liquidity Planning

Plan payment-related items, keep track of incoming and outgoing payment items, use liquidity planning software to show over- or underfunding.

Performance Management, CPM, EPM

Performance management tools help monitor and manage business performance and support planning and forecasting as well as consolidation of performance.

Reporting Tools

Software for reporting can make the operational structure and process organization more transparent. Uniform reporting ensures a uniform corporate database.

Risk Management

With the help of risk management software, you can obtain information about corporate risks and opportunities, control internal processes, and check compliance with legal requirements, among other things.

Sales Forecasting

Current software solutions for sales planning that support you in forecasting, forecasting, determining sales potential, creating the sales plan, optimising inventory, etc.