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In this SoftGuide section you will find an overview of software, programmes, systems and solutions on the topic of sales planning and sales forecasting. Sales planning software can be used by companies as part of business planning to create a forecast of product demand (forecasting) and material planning. The resulting sales plan (as an element of the overall marketing plan) is used to plan product movements and demand planning.

Sales forecasting is about the turnover of a certain product and the development of sales potential. The software for creating sales forecasts can calculate probabilities for the purchasing behaviour or also for returns of certain customer groups on the basis of past data. The software solutions for sales planning and sales forecasting often already include inventory optimisation and inventory management, which are important for sales. As a rule, they also generate automatic order suggestions. Based on the calculations of the purchase probability, orders can be efficiently placed with suppliers.

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Forecast Pro XE
Expert system for business forecasts
Forecast Pro is an expert system that creates forecasts and trends based on existing time series. This view into the future is made possible by a combination of expert knowledge and mathematical estimation algorithms. Forecast Pro automatically selects the optimal forecasting method based on extensive statistical diagnostic tests. Knowledge of statistics is not necessary for this. Forecasting methods used: moving averages, exponential smoothing, box-Jenkins (ARIMA), dynamic Regression, croston Model, further ...
Sales forecast, scheduling, scheduling parameter optimization, logistics controlling, PP/D
Sales forecast, scheduling, scheduling parameter optimization, logistics controlling, PP/D DISKOVER SCO helps you to effective and efficient sales planning and disposition. You systematically reduce your stocks while ensuring delivery readiness, standardize and automate planning and disposition processes and tune your ERP system if required. DISKOVER SCO offers among other things functions for sales forecast, disposition, disposition parameter optimization, simulation as well as extensive reporting and controlling possibilities ...
Poly.ERP - The ERP system for compounders, masterbatchers and recyclers
ERP system for compounders, masterbatchers and recyclers
ERP system for compounders, masterbatchers and recyclers Poly.ERP is a complete solution for plastics manufacturers that includes, among other things, a management information system that can be optionally coupled. The MIS supports you with key production figures, order lead times or sales figures, individually tailored analyses, details and much more. With Poly.ERP you design your processes extremely efficiently and have all data in view at any time. Create transparency, manage even complex requirements with ease and use our best-practice solutions.
Perfection in production
Perfection in production The PSIpenta principle "Software for Perfection in Production" stands for the optimal mapping of business and technical processes along the complete value chain of manufacturing companies. The software portfolio for discrete manufacturing not only covers the entire planning process (e.g. sales planning, sales forecasting) from project management to detailed planning, but also supports the complete supply chain management.
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