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In this current overview you will find marketing software. The term marketing describes the market-oriented entrepreneurial action. Marketing belongs to the management tasks and includes the marketing of the product. The process of marketing in turn includes the product and pricing policy as well as promotion and distribution. The company with its services and products is placed in the focus.

Marketing software in this section includes systems for competitor management, coupon management, campaign and event management, product configuration and social marketing, among others. Plan your marketing for both offline and online channels using the software listed here. Here under the main heading sales, you will find a complete list of all registered software products on the topic of sales.

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Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten
Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten ConnectedWare - Where marketing gets done! ConnectedWare is the software for unified planning, production, control and budgeting of all your marketing activities. ConnectedWare is ready to use out of the box, easy to use via any web browser without any installation work. Marketing Asset Management (extended PIM system) for all marketing related information like products, images, logos, sketches, media, press articles, news, feeds etc. Data transfer (also dynamic) from ERP systems, image databases or supplier systems is possible.
Digital Asset Management for Marketing Teams
Digital Asset Management for Marketing Teams The Mediaspace is your platform for all your images, graphics, videos, audio files, licenses, feedbacks and shares. Organize and share your files easily, clearly and securely. With you have all your images, videos and other media files under control. It works as easy as your favorite tools and is as powerful as a digital asset management. It's the solution for everyone who needs more than Dropbox or folder structures. Search & Find Quickly​ Filters & suggestions - just like you know it from your favorite search engine ...
Textkernel - AI Recruitment Software
For an optimal candidate experience
For an optimal candidate experience Textkernel's recruiting tools offer the best conditions for personnel marketing, as this software makes internal workflows and processes more efficient and thus significantly optimizes the candidate experience.
4ALLPORTAL- DAM Software - Digital Asset Management
Enterprise DAM Sofware for Digital Asset Management
Enterprise DAM Sofware for Digital Asset Management One software 4ALL data! Use 4ALLPORTAL DAM to centrally manage your digital assets. Manage, find and share your files in one central database. Optimize your workflows and automate your workflows and routines. Save yourself and your team time and costs and get back to productivity and creativity. Fixed contact person on the manufacturer side, experienced developer team, server in Germany. Book a demo now!...
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing The multi channel publishing or crossmedia publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry.
Project and Time Management, Workflows, CRM and Marketing
Project and Time Management, Workflows, CRM and Marketing supports optimal project management through numerous visualizations, dashboards, Gantt charts and Kanban boards. Even if team members work in different locations, projects can be planned, organized and executed efficiently and team capacities can be distributed sensibly. The online workspace of bundles all communication around the respective projects.
Quickly ready to go. Flexibly expandable.
Quickly ready to go. Flexibly expandable. Successful marketing campaigns hit the target audience in the right place at the right time and find a solution to what consumers want. No matter if on your website, in social media, via newsletter or mail. With CURSOR multichannel marketing, you organize your marketing campaigns in a structured, cross-media and transparent way.
Apalone ERP & CRM
Business Process Control
Business Process Control Apalone ERP & CRM is a powerful enterprise software from the cloud with customer relationship management. The software offers effective functions for mapping business processes. Maintain projects, allocate human resources and project budgets, create quotes and keep track of all activities with your customers. You don't need any additional hardware or software. The already integrated CRM helps you improve relationships with customers.
PANSITE - Content Management System (CMS)
Powerful content management system - for complex websites and intranet presences
Powerful content management system - for complex websites and intranet presences The browser-based, powerful content management system PANSITE comes up with numerous useful functions. Maintain website and intranet easily via Browse & Edit. Use a variety of add-ons and ready-made special elements. With PANSITE you realize sophisticated web, intranet and extranet presences that flexibly adapt to the structures of your company. A design management, authoring tools as well as a rights management are available.
audius:Seminar for training and seminar management
Seminar and event management
Seminar and event management With audius:Seminar, audius GmbH offers a solution for training institutes and seminar organizers, which is also used in companies in other sectors for internal training measures. The solution spans the spectrum from the management of master data and resources, through the administration of seminars and timetables, to the billing of services. The focus of the process is on participant management and the organization of the lecturers.
vivenio - the professional software for event and participant management
Vivenio supports the organization and handling of events of any type and size. From address management with CRM functionalities to invitation and attendee management to the calculation and billing of an event with numerous reports and evaluations, vivenio makes your work easier and saves time and money at the same time. Functions: Address management, Resubmission management, Invitation management, Modern online participant registration (100% responsive), Automatic sending of personalized documents (ticket, invoice, ...
PisaSales CRM
PisaSales CRM
PisaSales CRM The PisaSales CRM covers all requirements from the areas of marketing, sales and service. Designed for use in medium-sized and large companies, our CRM solution is one of the most powerful systems on the European market today. We offer you a highly flexible CRM standard solution that can be quickly deployed and individually adapted. 100% Made in Germany - in use worldwide!...
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