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InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing


InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing

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InterRed: One solution for all media (print and digital)

InterRed is the modular solution for content publishing. Be it as a central content hub, a multi-channel publishing solution, a print editorial system, a web content management system, a digital asset management system or an app and e-paper solution: InterRed enables you to centrally create, manage, maintain and design your information, your magazines, (daily) newspapers, customer magazines, brochures, catalogues, but also your websites, mobile platforms and apps, social media activities or simply any piece of communication.

The system then distributes this content to the output channels that are relevant to you, be they printed or digital media. InterRed is a complete editorial system, a comprehensive web content management system, a complete production platform for mobile editions and apps, a comprehensive tool for managing social media content and a future-proof overall solution.

InterRed ContentHub

The InterRed ContentHub is the content marketing tool for all content and all channels: Action and topic planning, content creation and content management, digital asset management, communication and workflow management, AI and data analytics to monitor success. With the InterRed ContentHub you plan the entire customer journey and your entire content marketing - from the first idea to the playout of the finished content in the relevant communication channels. The InterRed ContentHub is the central, shared communication platform for all content production steps. Regardless of whether employees are entrusted with the coordination of workflows, the creation of texts, the design and layout, the delivery of image material or other tasks: The hub of the entire content marketing life cycle is the InterRed ContentHub.

InterRed Print editorial system

InterRed Print is a comprehensive print editorial system that supports the user in both daily editorial work and layout processes. Editors, authors, layouters and also the advertising team can easily access the centrally stored content in the repository. Teamwork can be efficiently controlled via a comprehensive workflow and rights management system. The editorial system can be used to create newspapers, magazines, inserts, but also brochures or business reports. The InterRed Print system is suitable for publishing houses and media companies as well as for marketing, corporate communications, content marketing and agencies.

(Web) Content Management System InterRed Online

InterRed Online is a comprehensive web CMS. It manages your content and supports you in website control up to the high-load range. Use integration options for the most diverse marketing options up to multiple use of the content in newsletters, RSS feeds, content syndication and much more. The software manages all your content in a media-neutral and future-proof way. Storage takes place in a central content repository, including versioning. You control access to this repository via a comprehensive rights management system. Thanks to the equally extensive workflow management, you enable efficient and teamwork.

This shortens runtimes, reduces complexity and increases (data) quality. InterRed Online enables the flexible design of websites, whether with the InterRed on-board tools or with standard frameworks, whether with classic templating, responsive web design, one pagers or other design philosophies. At the same time, InterRed Online is an integrative part of the InterRed Multi Channel Publishing Strategy and can thus be supplemented with additional channels at any time.

Production of digital app editions - InterRed AppPublishing

InterRed AppPublishing is the production tool for digital publications on mobile devices. This includes, for example, catalogues, magazines, brochures and so on. The technology is based on the proven multi-channel platform and includes all the features of a CMS. Templates are used for the design of the publications.

The use of templates ensures an appealing, varied layout. The creation of app editions can be automated. Digital app editions can thus be produced at low cost and within a very short time.

There are no hidden costs in the InterRed AppPublishing model, neither per issue, nor per issue size or number of readers. This allows our customers to play with their ideas and try out new business models. For example, shorter publication cycles can be tested to increase awareness among customers. Or special editions can be offered for special, topical events. Both the effort and the cost of testing new ideas are extremely low.

The app itself is designed to offer more than a simple digital equivalent of a print product. It is therefore clearly differentiated from conventional e-paper solutions. It is designed to be the central brand access point to our client's content. As an integral part of InterRed's multi-channel publishing strategy, the solution can be extended to include other channels at any time.

InterRed PIM: Product Information Management

With InterRed PIM you manage your product data media-neutrally in a central solution. This enables the fast and efficient creation of sales and marketing materials for all media channels, whether for print, online, social media, apps, CaaS or, e.g. via interfaces, for other publications. In this way, you create targeted media for a successful product experience.


Online (info portals) e.g.: heise online, RP online, CHIP, Auto-Motor-Sport, Computer Bild, Apotheken Umschau

Print (editing systems) e.g.: Axel Springer SE (BILD, BILD am SONNTAG, B.Z.), DIE ZEIT, taz. die tageszeitung, Bauverlag BV GmbH, Rheinische Post Mediengruppe, VDI Wissensforum GmbH

App (Mobile/Tablet) e.g.: Krafthand, Bauwelt, 11FREUNDE, Rock Hard, Märkische Oderzeitung

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Mr. Thomas Kind
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Functions (excerpt) of InterRed:

3D representation
A/B Test
Absence management
Account management
AI Format
Analysis functions
quotation management
Creation and deletion of documents
API interfaces
article and article group data
Article storage
Asset management
Task management
Auto color functions
Automatic conversion
Automated import
Authoring tool
Assembly documents
Processing status
User manuals
User management
Authorization management
Report management
Image and document management
Image enlargement function
Image processing
Image library
Image editor watermarking
Picture gallery
Image folder
Image generation
Image management
Block storage management
BMP Format
CAD interfaces
CDR Format
Channel Management
Content-Management-System (CMS)
CMYK preview
Community Management
Content reuse
Content dynamics
Content creation
Corporate design
CRM interfaces
Crop, rotate and flip
Cross media publishing
File archiving
File naming
File bundling
File sharing
File import
File Conversion
File Transfer
File transfer
file management
Data storage
Data indexing
Data maintenance
Data protection management
Data merging
Diagram Editor
Slide show functions.
Digital Asset Management
Digital Kiosk
Document display
Document migration
Document indexing
Document classification
Printing separations
Print function
Print functions Preview
Print templates
DWG Format
DXF Format
E-mail notification
E-mail management
E-Mail dispatch
Engagement tracking
Draft publication
EOPS Format
Reminder functions
ERP interfaces
Export functions
External content
Fan identification
Color editing
Color management
Color separation
Filter function
follow or unfollow
Format conversions
Photo upload
Free-form functionality
Release management
Frontend editing
Overall documentation
GIF Format
Graphics in documents
Graphic formats
Graphical editing
Size editing
GS1 Datamatrix standard
hashtags, keywords and URLs
Magazine archive
Manufacturer catalogs
HTML integration
ICC color management
ICO Format
Import functions
Influencer Spotting
Content and layout separation
Content overview
JPEG Format
Calendar and appointment management
Campaign Visualization
Campaign management
Classification, assortments
Collaboration management
Component management
Image conversion
Layout options
Lead management
Marketing tools
Measures management
Material catalogs
Media library
Multi-user capability
Multiple description
Metadata Management
Metadata search
MIFF Format
mobile signature
Multichannel functionality
Multimedia Content
Multimedia data
Multimedia integration
Multimedia tools
Multiple campaigns
Multiple calendars
News functions
Non-XML documents
ECC-200 standard
ODG Format
online display
Personalizing Online content
Online reputation
Image optimization
Organize & Arrange
PDM interface
PNG Format
Price list and currency wizards
Product and category displays
Product content
Product publications
Product database
Product data management
Product Information Management (PIM)
Project invoicing
PSD Format
PST files
Publications, News
Publication groups
raw format
Role Management
Rights management
Reputation Management
responsive design
Review management
Audit-proof archiving
RSS feeds
Product characteristics
Interface to Adobe InDesign
Selective color
Selective sharpening
Single source publishing
Social Media
Social media calendar
social media channels
social networking
Social sharing function
Social media functions
Language and content variants
Language-neutral documents
Language variants
Standard formats
Bars (margins)
stream tracking
SVG Format
SWF Format
technical data
Terminology database
Text module management
Text editing
Text templates, sample texts
TIFF Format
Trend analyses
Translation display
Translation assistance
Upload function
Variable support
Vector drawing functions
Version control
Version management
Where-used list
Skip logic
Video conversion
Video editing
Video upload
Visualization tools
Full text search
Template management
Preview function
Web to print
Web client for printing
Advertising banners
Advertising campaign functions
Competitive Analysis
Knowledge management
Workflow management
WYSIWYG editor
XCF Format
XML editor
XML interface
XML support
Character compensation and run width
Target languages
Target groups
Second currencies


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Dialogue language(s):
English, German, French
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
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Win Server
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Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
Win 7
Win Vista
Win XP
Win 9x/ME
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
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