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Operational administration normally includes organization, accounting, financial management, personnel management and asset and material management. Administration ensures the smooth running of operations. Office organization including archiving, document management (DMS), order management and processing can also be supported by software, as can compliance management, knowledge management or contract management. There is software that can be used as a complete solution. However, software is also listed that is used in subareas of business administration.

In the administration section, we present software solutions from the areas of occupational health and safety, asset management, asset management, business process management (BPM), collaboration, workflow and UCC, data warehouse, ERP, idea management, inventory, IT service management (ITSM), management software, materials management, organization and enterprise resource planning, among others. The solutions are divided into corresponding subheadings.

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Software categories:

Address Management

The current market overview of software for address management can provide support - also industry-related - for the often extensive management of addresses and contact persons.


The modular software solutions listed here map the essential business processes in a sector-neutral or sector-specific manner.

Archiving Systems

The software listed here manages and archives files and supports sorting, filtering and full text search in the archived documents.

Asset Management

Whether asset history sheet, asset management, depreciation history or various asset groups, the software listed here coveres the most diverse requirements in the area of asset management.

Business Management (Miscellaneous)

Software for the operational area "administration" or more specific administrative processes and requirements is listed here.

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM software supports, among other things, the modeling of process maps, process versioning, key figure management and the creation of process descriptions.


Collaboration software improves the way people and teams work together. The tools support areas such as planning and organization.

Compliance Management

Compliance management systems help to ensure and monitor compliance in the company. The software covers a broad spectrum of compliance management (corruption, data protection, price agreements, etc.).

Contract Management

Current market overview of contract management software with version and template management, contract controlling and archiving.

Data Warehouse

Data warehouse software supports the merging of data from different source systems and takes into account, among other things, financial information, flexible sales information or production or logistics data.

Document Management Systems (DMS)

Document management systems are used for document management, support release processes, versioning and legally compliant archiving of documents.

EDI - Electronic Data Interchange

Software for message exchange of business documents using EDI message standards.

Electronic Record (e-file)

Electronic file management maps records plans and supports administrative work in government agencies, banks, insurance companies, etc. through improved searches, compliance, auditability, and more.

Energy Management Software

Energy management software records and analyzes energy consumption over a certain period of time.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This market overview provides a comprehensive list of flexible enterprise resource planning systems for mapping business processes (some with the option of bidirectional machine connection).

ERP - Add-ons

ERP - Add-ons extend the existing ERP system and can be used optionally. Add-ons can offer very different additional functionalities.

ESG Software

ESG software supports data acquisition and analysis, optimization and visualization so that ESG requirements can be easily met.

Forms Management Software

Form management system (FMS) facilitate the further processing of entries by public administrations but also companies through automation and workflow. Whether it is an internal vacation application or an application for a subsidy or, for example, a de-registration application at the university - a wide range of possible uses for the FMS are possib

Idea Management

Make your company suggestion scheme and continuous improvement process more efficient with the help of idea management software.

Inventory Control

The software listed here supports inventory of existing stock (stock, IT assets, software licenses, assets, etc.) and manages stock changes.

Inventory Management

Inventory management systems map the flow of goods and merchandise in a company and support, among other things, scheduling, invoicing and cash register.

IT Service Management (ITSM), SOA

Current market overview of software for ITIL-compliant IT service management.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge management software helps to manage and make available unstructured documents and files.

Management Information Systems (MIS)

Management information systems support management in planning and decision-making with the help of key figures.

Materials Management

Materials management software covers processes from material supply and material flow control through manufacturing to product delivery.

Office Management

The office organization software listed here helps to efficiently organize the most diverse requirements of everyday office life.

Order Management

Order management software supports essential functionalities such as order processing, transmission, order compilation, invoicing, and packing or shipping.

Organization Management

Software solutions for the organization support the structure, planning and optimization as well as the execution of business processes.

Process Documentation

Document business processes using this software, e.g. in the form of process diagrams or flow charts.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Software for process automation or for RPA supports machines, plants, etc. in the automatic processing and output of process data.

Safety Management

Software for occupational health and safety management is used, among other things, for the areas of hazardous substance management, employee training, documentation of safety and protective measures, etc.

SAP Add-ons

SAP add-ons supplement and extend an existing SAP system. Add-ons are available for numerous different areas.

Subscription Management

Subscription management software supports publishers, event organizers, transportation companies, online service providers, and others in managing subscribers and subscription periods.

Whistleblower Systems

This category presents whistleblower systems. These specialised systems allow you to receive confidential information, concerns or grievances from employees, customers or other stakeholders securely and anonymously.

Workflow Management Systems

Workflow and workflow management systems support, among other things, the automation of business processes, help to create process maps and descriptions.