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Here you will find a current market overview of software on the subject of inventory management. With an inventory management system, the flows of goods and merchandise in the company are mapped. An inventory management system includes all functions in purchasing and sales of the company. With the software for inventory management listed here, you process and manage your orders and map your warehousing and warehouse logistics with bills of materials and goods. Merchandise management systems support disposition, invoicing, cost accounting and cash register. Keep track of sales (offers, orders, delivery bills, invoices) and manufacturing with the help of the software.

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Ventas - Enterprise Resource Planning under Linux, Import, Export, Fibu, Production
Ventas - Enterprise Resource Planning under Linux, Import, Export, Fibu, Production VENTAS is a contemporary software and organisation solution for companies in national and international trade. The VENTAS series is based on a modular architecture. Our solution is based on a selection of approx. 1,000 components (parameterisable individual programmes), which form an optimised solution for an area. VENTAS.import, for example, represents an optimised solution for import. For this purpose, we have developed a utilisation concept for the software that covers all important concerns ... Translated with (free version)...
merchandise management system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the fashion biz
merchandise management system for small and medium-sized enterprises in the fashion biz IX FUSION PLUS is a complete merchandise management system from the entry and management of master data, order entry, procurement, goods receipt (warehouse, materials management), allocation and invoicing. State-of-the-art database technology enables you to enter data flexibly and without limits. The system is multi-client capable and runs Windows-based. This allows for quick familiarisation and low follow-up costs. It includes integrated standard reports that can be customised on request.
ERP system: Bison Process Retail (x-trade)
Merchandise Management in Retail
Merchandise Management in Retail Merchandise management can be so simple - with Bison Process Retail (x-trade) With Bison Process Retail (x-trade), merchandise management can be so uncomplicated for retailers. As a complete solution, this software offers numerous advantages that can be applied at all levels of retail. From wholesale to retail with or without stores, you benefit from the various modules that can be optionally added as supplements for the basic version. Ultimately, your entire retail chain can be mapped and processed centrally ...
ERP | CRM | PIM | Merchandise Management | Business Intelligence - complete solution
ERP | CRM | PIM | Merchandise Management | Business Intelligence - complete solution deLUXE-ERP is an intelligent ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies. The standard version of the system already includes all the functionalities required to map the most important business processes such as acquisition, sales, distribution and finance in a single, integrated application. A sophisticated reservation system in order processing ensures on-time deliveries. You can efficiently create quotations, generate orders, organise deliveries and keep the warehouse up to date.
TaxMetall - ERP • PPS
TaxMetall - ERP / PPS for small and medium-sized enterprises
TaxMetall - ERP / PPS for small and medium-sized enterprises TaxMetall is a modular ERP system / PPS system with document management for digitization and a production module for manufacturing. The business solution is for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the areas of contract, series and contract manufacturing as well as CNC processing and machining. Production data acquisition, personnel time recording and mobile apps can be integrated, as can CAD.
Warenwirtschaft für Kleinunternehmer und Selbstständige
Warenwirtschaft für Kleinunternehmer und Selbstständige vcEuroFaktura includes all the functionalities that self-employed entrepreneurs, freelancers or craftsmen expect from an order processing software and that with a high level of usability. For more than 15 years, the software has been specially optimised for the requirements of invoicing from Germany. The structure of the software is divided into logical processes and is clearly structured.
simcron production planning
planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems
planning tool for production in connection with existing ERP systems simcron is an innovative assistance system for production systems and can also be used in conjunction with established ERP solutions. Short-term order delivery date determinations, long-term forecast planning and the continuous short- and medium-term planning of production are available for project manufacturers, variant manufacturers, order manufacturers and series manufacturers. On the basis of multi-resource planning (machines, personnel, production resources), taking into account the current process status and material availability, an automated capacity comparison is carried out between order stock and resource availability.
CSB-System | ERP industry solution bread and bakery products
Specialised complete IT solution for the bread and bakery industry
Specialised complete IT solution for the bread and bakery industry The ERP industry solution for bread and baked goods is a complete solution for companies in the bread and baked goods industry. The software incorporates over forty years of in-depth know-how in the process industry. The solution supports the optimisation of raw material purchasing and logistics processes and ensures product transparency and helps to meet legal requirements.
CSB-System | ERP industry solution for meat
Specialised complete IT solution for the meat industry and meat trade
Specialised complete IT solution for the meat industry and meat trade ERP industry solution for meat - Well-founded industry know-how combined with the use of the latest software technology forms the basis for the success of the specialised ERP industry solution. From procurement, slaughtering and cutting through production and recipe optimisation to integrated price labelling and efficient order picking ...
microtech ERP
Komplex ist einfach: Die ERP-Lösung von microtech
Komplex ist einfach: Die ERP-Lösung von microtech Our enterprise resource planning grows with the challenges. The modular ERP complete software impresses with numerous additional modules and functions. Recurring tasks can be automated easily and quickly. All information about your customers, articles and product groups can be found in the master data. Data for inventory management and contact management is always up-to-date. The automatic determination of requirements makes purchasing easy.
ERP controller SRM
Regulation of inventory, lead time and liquidity in PPS and WaWi systems
Regulation of inventory, lead time and liquidity in PPS and WaWi systems The SRM adaptive ERP controller continuously calculates and updates order-relevant MRP parameters for all your items. These parameters include reorder point, material safety requirement, safety stock, replenishment times in procurement, dead and idle times between operations, and theoretical machine capacity. SRM automatically compares the data from the ERP system with the company's target key figures and changes the corresponding parameters in case of deviations.
Odoo Enterprise
ERP software with a sense of proportion
ERP software with a sense of proportion The modular, scalable ERP software Odoo can be perfectly adapted to your exact operational requirements. We offer an ERP and the associated digitisation of your company from a single source, so that your digitisation process runs smoothly and error-free. Instead of individual software modules for sub-areas of your company, you get a system from a single source as required.
PPS ERP for manufacturing companies with focus on production control
PRODAT ERP is a precision software for planning, organization and quality management in medium-sized manufacturing. The innovative ERP/ PPS/ MES covers the complete merchandise management process from customer inquiry to sales order, material order, production, delivery and invoicing. Special processes such as provisioning and outsourcing are also integrated. A complaints management system also allows problems to be dealt with in a structured manner.
Indigo Fashion Software
Merchandise management system for textile wholesalers, fashion, clothing and accessories
Indigo Mode Software grows with your success! The merchandise management solution for fashion manufacturers, designers, labels and fashion service providers has a modular structure and can be adapted precisely to your needs. The software solution offers numerous functions that are tailored to the processes of the clothing industry. The software is available in a Pro version for smaller companies and in an Enterprise version designed for fashion wholesalers.
Oktopus Pro
Centralised management of contact data, correspondence, appointments, orders, stock levels
Variable and comprehensive product management is a fundamental basis for a merchandise management system. Oktopus Pro offers a high degree of flexibility and extremely effective operation. Product management takes into account all article texts, image links, prices, stock management (set, variation) and suppliers. The numerous features include serial number management, differential taxation §25a UStG, commission goods with commission settlement, multi-price capability, management of minimum stocks and much more.
ROQQIO Commerce Cloud
The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is a unique combination of middleware + order management.
The ROQQIO Commerce Cloud is a unique combination of middleware + order management. The eBusiness software ROQQIO Commerce Cloud forms all trade, shipping, warehouse and logistics processes in one central system. The solution supports all conceivable scenarios: Sales channels work across all sales channels, B2C and B2B, multi- and cross-channel. The solution offers you all the functions you need to map your retail processes.
ERP / PPS business software for small and medium-sized enterprises
ERP / PPS business software for small and medium-sized enterprises A modular merchandise management system for trading, production and service SMEs. Project references in over 40 different industries. Get our free trial version! A unique selling point of the MiCLAS standard software is the highly flexible trigger technology and the integrated variant system for articles, services, parts and price lists, calculation, etc.. Parts lists can have any number of sub-levels. Choose the modules that are right for you and avoid unnecessary costs.
OTEC -- ERP / PPS Software for Surface Finishing Technologies
OTEC - The powerful Software System for all Surface Finishing Techniques
OTEC  -  The powerful Software System for all Surface Finishing Techniques OTEC BaSyS – the individual tailor-made Software System for the cost of a standard package. Today the usage of a powerful software is a must. Therefore, a sophisticated software system like OTEC, dedicated to the demands and procedures of surface finishing, will optimize the applicable processes and will tighten the related administration procedures.The resulting cost-reduction means advanced efficiency to the company and provides the basic pre-requisites for e.g. acquiring important professional certificates ...
ERP / Enterprice Ressource Planning System / Merchandise management system
ERP / Enterprice Ressource Planning System / Merchandise management system ProMode GmbH is a medium-sized company. For 30 years, ProMode GmbH has been developing the innovative, powerful and extensive industry software ProMode. The ERP / merchandise management system ProMode is completely developed by ProMode GmbH and is constantly being further developed and adapted to the individual wishes of our customers. The company founders, shareholders and managing directors, Herbert Bayer, Dipl.-Ing. Informatik and Peter Rabenbauer, clothing technician, combine over 60 years of experience in the design and implementation of ERP solutions for fashion ...
Sage 100
The ERP software for small and medium-sized companies with individual requirements
The ERP software for small and medium-sized companies with individual requirements Control your sales processes - even online! Benefit from individual document types and flexible workflows. Sage 100 adapts to your business processes. Create detailed quotations and orders, use comprehensive sales statistics for customers and articles. Create your personal web store quickly and easily, including links to the most important marketplaces - direct data export and import from your merchandise management system, including automated payment reconciliation through to accounting!...
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What is an inventory management system?

An inventory management system, also called merchandise management, is a software for tracking the inventory and all goods movements in a company. It includes all processes in purchasing and sales, warehousing and shipping. All goods that a company purchases or even produces are recorded in the inventory management system. The underlying data of an inventory management system thus consists of the master data for articles, suppliers and customers as well as the transaction data for offers, orders, delivery bills, notifications and invoices.

Interfaces can connect the inventory management system to cash register systems, online stores or invoicing programs. Since inventory management systems are usually modular, there are often additional modules for CRM, returns or device management, for example.

Differences between inventory management systems

The difference between inventory management and ERP

Since most inventory management systems are modular, the boundary to ERP is rather blurred. An ERP maps the entire value chain of a company. This also includes personnel, marketing and, for example, controlling. These modules or functions are not normally integrated in an inventory management system. However, this is the case the other way around, because inventory management systems are usually part of an ERP system.

An inventory management system is therefore either a stand-alone system with interfaces to other third-party systems or part of a comprehensive ERP system. Central systems, as the name suggests, are assigned to the company headquarters. Decentralized inventory management are the ones that are connected to the corporate headquarters. In connection with inventory management systems, we also often speak of closed, open or integrated inventory management systems.

Closed inventory management system

One speaks of a closed inventory management system when purchasing and sales, ordering, disposition and warehouse are mapped within one system. This can be data on the individual goods, the suppliers, quantity, value, date of receipt, etc.. Often the data acquisition at the receipt as well as at the storage and transfer as well as at the dispatch is done by barcode scanners and the use of EAN codes.

Closed inventory management system

Open inventory management system

An open inventory management system is made up of individual modules, in which one module is taken over from a third-party system. The open enterprise resource planning system also includes goods receipt and goods issue. Depending on the provider, it can also map materials planning, purchasing, ordering and warehouse management. In an open inventory management system, however, the individual modules do not all have to come from the same system. In an open system, goods receipts and goods issues are recorded in the master software in any case.

Open inventory management system

Integrated inventory management system

Integrated inventory management systems usually include all the necessary modules that a closed system also has. They also offer interfaces to third-party systems so that store systems, marketplaces, suppliers or banks can be integrated, for example. Integration is differentiated between internal and external integration. An internal integration is, for example, the connection of the head office software with the inventory management of the individual stores. In external integration, the company's own inventory management system is linked to the merchandise management systems of various partners within the supply chain.

Integrated inventory management system

In which companies is an inventory management system used?

All companies that keep goods in a warehouse need an inventory management system. Inventory management systems are therefore used in particular in trading and logistics companies. Trading companies purchase goods and resell these goods. This applies to both retailers and wholesalers and is independent of whether trading is done exclusively online or also with a retail store. The vast majority of trading companies are not simultaneously the producers of the goods they handle. However, it is quite common to refine purchased goods, to put together bundles or kits.

Inventory management systems can be designed to be industry-neutral or geared to the requirements of specific industries such as food retailing or pharmaceutical retailing, for example. Many of the inventory management systems support online retailing or are able to map several sales channels at the same time (multichannel solutions).A central merchandise management system that is linked to a wide variety of channels such as eBay, Amazon, other online stores, etc. can efficiently output data to the various online sales platforms via interfaces.

Typical functions for inventory management software



Article and order management

Other functions

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