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ERP system: Bison Process Retail (x-trade)

Merchandise Management in Retail

Version:  7.2

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Merchandise management can be so simple - with Bison Process Retail (x-trade)

With Bison Process Retail (x-trade), merchandise management can be so uncomplicated for retailers. As a complete solution, this software offers numerous advantages that can be applied at all levels of retail. From wholesale to retail with or without stores, you benefit from the various modules that can be optionally added as supplements for the basic version. Ultimately, your entire retail chain can be mapped and processed centrally.

The application was developed by Bison Deutschland GmbH, whose focus was on offering a fully comprehensive solution for the entire merchandise management in retail companies. Bison Process Retail (x-trade) includes the modules wholesale and retail headquarters (x-trade), warehouse management (x-trade wms), store merchandise management (x-trade store) and data warehouse (x-trade dwh). Probably the greatest advantage for you as an entrepreneur is the optimally adapted application of this software. This is because all process flows as well as the associated provision and forwarding of information are covered by the software. Divided into the company areas of procurement, warehousing and sales, you benefit from a complete optimization and simplification of internal processes.

Your advantages when using Bison Process Retail (x-trade): 

  • Multilingual and network-compatible application
  • Article, customer and supplier master data serve as a common database for the individual areas and departments
  • Procurement processes are structured and clearly displayed
  • warehouse processes can be controlled directly via x-trade wms or via external management software
  • including comprehensive reporting
  • with multi-channel retailing
  • fully comprehensive assortment control for all sales channels
  • enormously adaptable conditions management
  • comprehensive contract management
  • simplified price maintenance by means of individual price maintenance groups, fast price entry and price rails
  • automatic control of invoices and receipts including interface to leading trade accounts
  • dynamic optimization of order processes
  • complete handling of drop shipment and warehouse business
  • scalable warehouse control WAMAS
  • supports modern logistics concepts such as transshipment or cross docking
  • easy navigation through all business transactions
  • with document and journal function
  • central user administration
  • including functional area protection
  • relevant EDI standards are easily implemented
  • with RFID functionality
  • decentralized merchandise management
  • integrated tour optimization
  • interface to online shops
  • automated disposition
  • interface to financial accounting
  • clearly arranged and quickly viewable archives

Take a look at our website and see for yourself what Bison Process Retail (x-trade) can do for you!

Article management
Inventory monitoring
Order management
Order proposals and order processing
Internal interfaces
Picking & Routing
Contact management
Inventory management
Warehouse management
Storage location management
Stock access and stock management
Supplier management
Delivery bills
Returns management
Contract management
Goods issue
Goods postings
Goods receipt
merchandise management
Target groups:

Trading companies from the following sectors

  • Food retailer
  • Trade with fresh products
  • Wholesale (industry-independent)
  • Branch-based wholesalers (independent of sector)
  • Pet stores and pet supplies
  • Remaining stock markets
  • Gas station markets
  • and much more
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