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Current market overview of industry software, programs and solutions for the grocery trade. The software for the food trade takes into account the industry-specific business processes, e.g. the aspects of food safety, usually ensures quality control, supplier evaluation and certificate management and often supports the traceability of lots for possible system-controlled recall actions. Food retail software also includes warehouse management and often logistics support with mobile data collection (MDE, PDA, scanner, mobile devices).

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Software for recipe management, product specifications, nutritional value calculation, ing
BESTMIX® Food is a web-based software solution for recipe management in food retail. With the integrated functions, you can quickly and easily specify your products, perform nutritional value calculations and create ingredient lists.
ERP system: Bison Process Retail (x-trade)
Merchandise Management in Retail
Merchandise Management in Retail Merchandise management can be so simple - with Bison Process Retail (x-trade) With Bison Process Retail (x-trade), merchandise management can be so uncomplicated for retailers. As a complete solution, this software offers numerous advantages that can be applied at all levels of retail. From wholesale to retail with or without stores, you benefit from the various modules that can be optionally added as supplements for the basic version. Ultimately, your entire retail chain can be mapped and processed centrally ...
CSB-System | ERP industry solution for the food industry
Industry software for the entire food industry and food trade
Industry software for the entire food industry and food trade ERP industry software specifically for the food industry - Functionalities and modules tailored to the food industry that guarantee product quality and food safety as well as integrated logistics concepts and transparent traceability in compliance with national legislation. With over 40 years of market experience and expertise in the process industry, the team offers a modern and sophisticated ERP for the food trade and industry with this system.
CRM - Modular design and individual customization
ProfitSystem is a CRM solution for the consumer goods industry and offers more than just customer master data management and calendars. Bidirectional exchange with the ERP system is a matter of course. ProfitSystem is available to your sales force on PC, tablet and smartphone for Android and iOS. Many function modules already map numerous processes in the standard version. Thanks to the flexible interfaces, ProfitSystem interacts with almost any third-party system.
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