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Qualified leads, up-to-date IT projects and a strong online presence will bring you leads and customers - at a compelling
price-performance ratio.

24/7 acquisition

The SoftGuide portal and team work for you around the clock. You are found where software is searched for - and you have more time for the essentials.

Personal support

We ensure more customers. You benefit from individual support, targeted marketing, leads and tenders - without any additional effort on your part. We work for your success!

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Current leads & tenders directly by e-mail

In phone calls, I often hear how difficult it is to win customers via classic cold calling. Most of the time, they point out to me that it's easy to generate qualified contacts at trade shows, but that it's often problematic over the Internet.

These conversations show me how important it is to acquire high-quality leads. That's why at SoftGuide we place the greatest value on providing real, direct leads with a high probability of conversion. The IT projects and the visibility of your software within our media partners also contributes to lead acquisition.

Jacqueline Feind

Head of Sales & Marketing
  • Direct leads via entry page
  • Qualified leads via IT projects
  • additional presence with media partners
  • promotional listing page

Finally gain more time and sell software. Contact us now.

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More time for customers & development:

SoftGuide does 24/7 acquisition for you

As a programmer I know how demanding and time consuming software development is. Planning, developing, writing documentation, debugging and preparing releases ... - the work is diverse, extensive and time-consuming.

I therefore use my working time in particular for the continuous further development of the SoftGuide platform, so that our 24/7 acquisition for you gives you more time for the essentials - your customers and your own software development.

Patryk Rydlewski

CTO - Chief Technology Officer
  • SoftGuide makes acquisitions 24/7
  • Sales support
  • Increase branding
  • Like fair, but all year round
  • Users since the beginning of the year


  • Inquiries in the current year


  • Number of tenders


Inquiry time Inquiry from / by Inquiry on the subject
16:39:14 MEZ CAD, CAE, CAM (Informationsmaterial)
16:33:19 MEZ Vereinssoftware, Verbände
16:30:49 MEZ
16:13:40 MEZ Warenwirtschaft

B2B software marketing without headaches:

Personal support from our team

The software development is done. The text program for the program description called and the "sheet" is empty! How do I market the software, how do I design the webpage, how do I write the text and take the screenshots?

As a content manager, I know from experience that practice and a good strategy are especially important when it comes to copywriting and layout. We write convincing product texts for you, include screenshots and videos of your software and simplify the marketing for you.

Dr. Ute Burghardi

  • Personal support
  • Experience, Know How
  • Referral marketing
  • Presentation of your software

Benefit from our more than 25 years of experience in software marketing!

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CoCo-On Services GmbH

I would also like to express my thanks for your service. Why? Well, compared to other large and well-known advertising services, you don't just produce clicks for a fee. At SoftGuide, really interested contact enquiries are particularly frequent. You will often look in vain for similarly fair and effective advertising on other advertising platforms.

Steffen Ewert
Management Board
CoCo-On Services GmbH

For more than 10 years, OMOC.interactive has been represented on Softguide with our software programs, including for exemple the online room management. In addition to the good search engine results, the comfortable backend with numerous options and the always friendly support also convinces us. As the costs are also manageable for smaller providers, we will continue to be represented by Softguide in the future.

Andreas Mause
G&W Software AG

About two years ago we decided to purchase a SoftGuide listing. Today we can say that that was absolutely the right decision. For a modest fee, we regularly receive inquiries from potential clients who otherwise probably never would have come to us. But even more important is the fact that many of these potential clients have since become satisfied customers. The cost-benefit ratio is outstanding, and the ever prompt and courteous service provided by the SoftGuide team makes the collaboration a pleasure for us.

Dr.-Ing. Achim Warkotsch
G&W Software AG
adata Software GmbH

We have worked with you for several years now and, even though it may not be customary, we would like to thank you for the extremely successful and enjoyable collaboration. We would especially like to acknowledge the increase in the number of potential customer inquiries; some areas of our adata solutions saw an increase of up to 40%. Compared to other platforms, SoftGuide is far and above the best. We are confident that it will remain that way.

Lutz Slomka,
Management Board
adata Software GmbH
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