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Spftware categories:

Manufacturing Industry

Software solutions for process optimisation for medium-sized industrial companies - ERPs, PPS, contract manufacturing, etc.

Plant Engineering

Current market overview of industry software for plant engineering or plant design management systems, e.g. for planning and design and modeling precast parts.

Automakers, Automotive

Product management, condition, price and warranty management, SCM, warehouse management and eCommerce etc. for automotive sector.

Chemical Engineering, Chemical Industry

The industry solutions and ERP systems for the chemical industry listed here cover, for example, order management, materials management, production, hazardous materials management, batch management and recipe management.

Electronics, Electrical, Computers

Industry software for computer manufacturers and the electrical industry includes enterprise resource planning solutions, PPS, CRM as well as calculation software, design and simulation software and much more.

Energy Industry

The software for energy suppliers listed here maps CRM, merchandise management, financial accounting, purchasing and sales, route planning, waste regulations, meter management, etc.

Vehicle Manufacturing

Current market overview of industry software for vehicle manufacturing supports purchasing and sales, manufacturing, service management, variant and change management, etc.

Forestry, Wood Industry

Programs for the forestry or timber industry that assist forestry operations and managers with management, scheduling, etc. are listed here.

Agriculture, Agricultural Software

The software solutions for agriculture and agribusiness listed here include agricultural documentation, field index, field-stable balance and payroll programs.

Food, Beverages and Tobacco

The software solutions for the food industry listed here map purchasing and sales, batch management, production, BBD and hazard analysis according to HACCP, among other things.

Mechanical Engineering, Tool-making

Here you will find a current market overview of industry software, ERP and PPS systems, for the mechanical engineering and toolmaking industry, among others for calculation, production, BDE, sales, etc.

Furniture Industry, Wood Processing

Industry software for the furniture industry and wood processing, including CRM, capacity planning with simulation, order and project planning, CAD and much more.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Current market overview of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry with numerous industry-specific features such as mapping of the pharmaceutical central number, quality control formulation and dossier management as well as drug approval etc.

Plastic, Plastics Industry

The software listed here for the injection molding or plastics industry maps special processes such as injection molding, thermoforming, extrusion and process manufacturing and takes into account cost-of-living allowances or recyclable material surcharges.

Steel Construction, Metal Manufacturing

Software for steel and metal construction, window and staircase software, sheet metal working that maps, among other things, process management, raw material and construction site management, construction and other industry-specific processes.

Steel Industry

Software solutions for the steel industry, foundries and forges are listed here, including prefabrication, scrap booking and residual quantity management.

Textile Industry, Textile Processing

Current market overview of industry software for the clothing industry, spinning mills, textile finishers, manufacturers of home textiles, workwear, etc.

Other Industries

Programs for e.g. production and wholesale in the cosmetics and perfume industry, solutions for die cutters, the packaging industry or jewelry industry are listed here.