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Current market overview of industry software for plant engineering. In plant engineering, technical plants are designed from individual components or assemblies. The software for plant engineers listed here covers the typical business processes such as the planning and design of individual assemblies (e.g. piping, welded structures, frames) or modeling for in-situ concrete and precast concrete construction. Often the software supports simulation and validation of the design results. It usually includes various visualizations. The software for plant design usually supports the standard data formats IFC, CIS/2, SDNF etc. and usually allows data exchange with structural analysis systems or manufacturing and plant design systems (Plant Design Management System - PDMS).

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Sheet CAD
over 240 unwindings, 3 D representation, puzzle, nesting, folds, dimensioning, DXF
over 240 unwindings, 3 D representation, puzzle, nesting, folds, dimensioning, DXF With Sheet CAD, more than 240 different types of sheet metal coils can be processed, such as tanks, transition pieces, ventilation ducts, silos, pipe elbows, pipe branches, screw conveyors, etc. The desired case is selected from the selection menu (Fig. 1) and the dimensions are entered directly (Fig. 2). Then you get the scaled three-dimensional figure on the screen - for the first visual check. The full-scale development is called up by mouse click. Abb. 1: Selection menu . Abb ...
Software for planning, layout & dimensioning of water treatment plants
Software for planning, layout & dimensioning of water treatment plants Planning, design and dimensioning of plants in the drinking and process water sector Assessment of water analyses and treatment plants. The software consists of several modules and can be extended as required from the basic module onwards. Basic module Assessment of water quality, Control and archiving of analysis data, Monitoring according to the current German Drinking Water Ordinance (2018) incl. EU Directive, or Austrian TwV and according to own limit values, chem. Assessment of water analyses ...
3D Plant Design and Factory Planning Software | M4 PLANT
The 3D software for plant engineering - M4 PLANT
The 3D software for plant engineering - M4 PLANT The 3D plant design software M4 PLANT offers flexible 3D plant design. The software enables specification-driven piping design. Thanks to the integration with the P&ID module, pipelines can be laid directly on the basis of the process engineering design and pipeline isometrics can be automatically derived from it. At the same time, steel structures, air-conditioning systems, cable trays or complete buildings can be planned in the 3D plant engineering software.
unitop ERP Industry
The industry solution for manufacturing companies
The industry solution for manufacturing companies With unitop ERP Manufacturing Industry, you can comprehensively map core processes of the manufacturing industry in order to optimize and transparently design processes in sales, production and design. As a result, you reduce costs while increasing efficiency in performance. The program offers customized functions such as DMS, CRM, product configurators, graphical planning boards as well as standard applications such as MS Office and SharePoint.
AD, European standards DIN EN 13445-3
Strength calculations, technical calculations of tanks, nozzles, etc.
Strength calculation and optimization for vessels, heads, flanges, lids, nozzles, skirts, support brackets, shells, bolts, expansion joints, etc. Printout of the calculation with all formulas. All images can be called up. AD B1 to B13, S-series, DIN2505, BS 5500 Anh. G for external nozzle loads, European standards DIN EN 13445-3. Large material library with strength characteristics. Extensive help functions. Geometry input generates a DXF file for displaying the components with any CAD program. Output and dialog in German or English ...
CFD software, software for numerical flow calculations (flow simulation) with CHT
CFD software, software for numerical flow calculations (flow simulation) with CHT ANSYS CFD is a user-friendly, powerful software for the calculation of three-dimensional, frictional flows with heat transfer in complex geometries. ANSYS CFD (CFX and FLUENT) offers comprehensive physical models for laminar and turbulent flows, incompressible and compressible fluids, steady and unsteady processes, sub-, trans- and supersonic flows.
Tekla Structures for steel, metal construction, plant engineering
Professional CAD software for 3D steel structures (single/multi-user)
Professional CAD software for 3D steel structures (single/multi-user) Tekla Structures is a particularly powerful 3D CAD software for steel, metal and plant construction, Tekla Structures is widely used internationally and enables users worldwide to effectively create and manage geometrically highly accurate structures, regardless of the material, size or complexity of the structure. Tekla Structures models are suitable for handling the entire construction process, from design to fabrication, erection and construction management. This speeds up the process and eliminates errors ...
Hexagon - Intergraph Smart® 3D
3D CAD Software
3D CAD Software Intergraph Smart® Completions unterstützt bei der Konsolidierung von Asset-Informationen sowie bei der Überprüfung der Montage, Prüfung und Leistung der gesamten Ausrüstung und Instrumente sowie von Rohrleitungen und Control System-IO-Punkten. Die Software umfasst alle notwendigen Tools, um die Integrität des Systems zu gewährleisten und Endprodukte zu liefern, die ISO-Spezifikationen und höheren Standards entsprechen.
AREAPLAN - Hall planning tool
AREAPLAN - Area planning in plant engineering
AREAPLAN - Area planning in plant engineering AREAPLAN is based on the 3D simulation platform Visual Components and enables better utilization of limited space in factory halls and thus efficient hall planning for the assembly of large plants.
CAD/CAE system for electrical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics
For the creation of electrotechnical circuit documents ELCAD offers all necessary and essential functionalities. Current standards for the documentation of electrotechnical systems are supported. The performance spectrum of the software solution includes open integration solutions for the workflow and specialist features for hydraulics and pneumatics. ELCAD delivers, among other things, intelligent PDF files in which entire projects are summarized in a navigable manner, but also other common formats, such as DWG.
A production planning system that is used to complement existing ERP systems.
The FELIOS APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) system uses intelligent procedures and algorithms to synchronize all production processes and create cross-departmental planning transparency in production, purchasing, design and sales. Short-term or unforeseen orders consequently do not jeopardize on-time delivery and avoid uncertainties in planning.
door2parts - Ersatzteilkatalog, eCommerce und Shop Lösung
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog door2parts is the software for the interactive spare parts catalog including variant resolution. The data is taken from interfaces (ERP, PLM / PDM, CAD, for example SAP), integrated into the system and interactively rendered on a user-friendly interface without any additional applications or plug-ins. Above all, door2parts is characterized by its complete eCommerce functionality, ease of use and individual customization options.
Processing & evaluation of metallographic micrographs
Processing & evaluation of metallographic micrographs μGrain covers the basic activities typically encountered in the materials laboratory in the field of metallography and image processing. μGrain is geared towards optical microscopes and microstructural images that are far from perfect, as demonstrated by the sample images below. μGrain is similar to a graphics program in that it can be used independently of an image acquisition system.
Hexagon - CADWorx Bundle (CADWorx Plant, P&ID and Design Review)
Complete solution for plant design
Complete solution for plant design The CADWorx bundle of CADWorx Plant, CADWorx P&ID and CADWorx Design Review enables efficient plant design for both greenfield and brownfield projects. The bundle includes a full suite of tools for creating intelligent 3D plant design with DWG-based results. Using CADWorx P&ID, you can easily create the process diagrams you need. CADWorx Design Review allows designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders to review and publish CADWorx models.
Calculation and optimization for control, piping and process engineering
The CONVAL program is a calculation and optimization program for instrumentation and control, piping and process engineering. It offers a wide range of functions and tools to improve the performance and reliability of plants. For the calculations, proven procedures according to DIN, VDI, VDMA EN/ISO standards or also ISA, ASME, API, etc. are accessed.
Enterprise software for automation, plant engineering, mechanical engineering and plastics
FactWork is a complex and functional ERP for medium-sized companies in the plant engineering sector. Use the flexible and modular business software to organize your business processes in the commercial area and in production. The complete order processing from quotation and blanket order to invoicing is carried out in FactWork via order processing. With just a few clicks, the software can be used to create production documents (production order, bill of materials, production documents, time sheet).
Engineering Base
Engineering software for industrial sectors - plant and mechanical engineering
Engineering Base creates unique continuity, parallelism of processing and consistency for all core disciplines from FEED to process to detail engineering, plus rebuild and maintenance. The principle of parallel, even simultaneous working of all core disciplines on the same plant model puts an end to time-consuming "passing through" of information. All data, once compiled, can be used directly by all participants, regardless of location, time or language.
THE ERP system for mechanical and plant engineering
THE ERP system for mechanical and plant engineering The requirements in machine and plant engineering are constantly changing. In addition to perfectly functioning products, customers expect lifelong support of the machines and plants by the manufacturer in the form of reliable spare parts service and maintenance support. SIVAS.ERP offers a holistic lifecycle management for this. With the electronic project file, companies successfully handle their projects from start to finish, including end-to-end change management. The functions are based on schrempp edv's many years of cooperation with mechanical engineering companies.
High-end engineering system for planning, operation and maintenance of I&C-technical plant
AUCOPLAN, the software for I&C planning and documentation, combines data and documents from electrical and mechatronic engineering, automation technology and process engineering planning. The program is extremely flexible in adapting to special marking regulations, engineering processes and documentation regulations. Generate the complete EMR documentation with the help of the software.
HiCAD - the powerful 3D CAD system
2D/3D CAD system, integrated industry functions, free and parametric mod.
2D/3D CAD system, integrated industry functions, free and parametric mod. Whether mechanical and plant engineering, sheet metal working, steel or metal construction, every industry has its own requirements for a CAD system. With our HiCAD CAD software, we offer you the all-in-one solution for fast and successful product development in 2D, in 3D and in every industry - even for cross-industry projects. With its hybrid technology, HiCAD is the only CAD system that provides not only 2D and 3D, but also all industry functions and functions for product data management in one system, thus covering all areas of engineering.
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