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door2parts - Ersatzteilkatalog, eCommerce und Shop Lösung

door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog
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door2part's main area of application are interactive parts catalogs and serviceportals, which are aimed at service technicians, national companies, dealers and customers. Depending on the severity there is a functionality in B2B or B2C, and door2parts scores in addition through document integration and variant matrix, but especially through it's sophisticated e-commerce functionality.

The solution is responsive and thus runs smoothly on all popular mobile devices (desktop, smartphone, tablet). In addition to the online functionality, door2parts can also be used as an offline parts catalog.


Catalog production
- Interface (ERP, PDM/PLM, CAD)
- Integration of technical documentation
- Development of catalogue structures
- Processing of different data formats: xls, csv, txt or xml
- Assign and link assemblies, articles, 2D graphics, additional information
- Language diversity (ISO, UNICODE): differentiation between GUI and data language
- Transfer of material master, bills of material and user data
- Integration of technical information (PDF, photos, videos)
- Illustration of articles (machine-related articles, merchandise articles, articles with dimensions)
- Editorial system for preparing the source data
- Fully automatic catalogue data processing
- Processing of parts lists directly in door2parts possible
- Correction of detailed information
- Combining several parts lists
- Variant parts lists (variant matrix based on colour and country codes, application limits, VIN, etc.)
- Catalog and version management
- Creating/deleting assemblies, articles
- Search functionality 
- Linking of additional information
- Long texts for accessories and bill of material
- Extension of fields in the parts master (weight, mass and customs tariff number)
- Export and import of texts (translations)

Structure and navigation
- dynamic, navigable structure tree
- graphical representation, incl. visual navigation
- Illustration of parts list with any attributes
- interactive parts list (link between drawing/model and parts list)
- configurable search function
- configurable shopping cart with order via PDF form and/or email
- server-based shopping cart workflow (consideration of subsidiaries and country organizations)

Documents, graphics, pictures, models & PDF
- Documents and document search (metadata, full text search)
- catalogue printing (complete print or page print of the active assembly)
- different file formats, such as PDF, TIFF, JPG, PNG, SVG, SVGZ etc.
- File formats for 3D models: STEP, WebGL, 3DVia Composer, etc.
- Hotspot editor for 2D drawings
- Deep Zoom Engine for optimal image display

User concept
- user administration with individual roles and rights
- Illustration of complex organizational structures (Headquarter, subsidiary companies, dealers, etc.)
- Assignment of users to plants and machines
- Dealer GIS Search
- Module for user login/registration
- Price level mapping in connection with user level
- 2 factors authentication for administrators and high-level users

Orders and inquiries
- fully developed shop functionality (B2B and B2C)
- eCommerce solution fully integrated into the spare parts world
- Differentiation between inquiry and order
- basket functionalities (print, forwarding, download)
- Illustration of accessories, accessories and articles
- Cross-selling functionality (linking ETK with articles)
- Illustration of prices, discounts and availability
- Order Scheduling 
- different payment methods
- shipping options: Shipping methods and shipping service providers
- Reporting Module and Statistics

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Article, customer and invoice numbers
Order management
Order status
Visitor statistics
Payment options
Image enlargement function
Recommendation marketing
Basic price function
Imprint and terms and conditions
Customer groups
Customer accounts
Minimum order quantity
Multimedia Content
Product and category displays
Discount types
Special offers
Sales tax ID
Shipping notification
Shipping costs
Shopping cart display
Accessories display
Target groups:

From the manufacturer's point of view:

  • mechanical engineering industry (e.g., packaging machines, printing machines, etc.)
  • plant construction
  • vehicle construction and series machine construction

But also as an eCommerce solution in retail:

  • motorcycles
  • vehicles
  • agricultural machinery
  • construction machinery 
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