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In this SoftGuide section you will find general (other) Internet software. A complete list of all registered software products on the topic "Internet software" can be found in the superordinate main rubric. Listed here is software that is used in the context of Internet usage and that covers special subject areas (tools for downloading, navigation, etc.). This also includes, for example, specially developed web browsers for companies or special search engines that can capture the meaning content of documents and thus provide more accurate search results.

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vivenio - the professional software for event and participant management
Vivenio supports the organization and handling of events of any type and size. From address management with CRM functionalities to invitation and attendee management to the calculation and billing of an event with numerous reports and evaluations, vivenio makes your work easier and saves time and money at the same time. Functions: Address management, Resubmission management, Invitation management, Modern online participant registration (100% responsive), Automatic sending of personalized documents (ticket, invoice, ...
Online software for digital process management and data administration
Online software for digital process management and data administration The PROGANTA software contains a specially developed project and approval methodology, which makes implementing the application extremely quick and straightforward. Users also benefit from a digital process management system that offers both flexible and individual convenience solutions.
TimO project management, time tracking, capacity manag. and controling
Project planning, project steering, project controlling, time management - 100% web based
Project planning, project steering, project controlling, time management - 100% web based Time Management Office® is a network-, internet- und intranet based software for project planning, project controlling, project monitoring, resource management, capacity planning, expense planning, project expense management, process optimisation and time sheet. Additionally Time Management Office can be used for order- and service related time and cost management. Time Management Office can be parameterised to disable unnecessary functions. (As extensive as necessary!). Many applications in this sector come with a variety of useful functions ...
James- the library butler®
Book management for companies, libraries, universities, municipalities and: private indivi
Book management for companies, libraries, universities, municipalities and: private indivi James - the Library Butler® is a tried and tested management software for libraries. The software is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. James - der Bibliotheksbutler® supports all work processes in the library and helps to optimize workflows.
Delete files and Internet traces irrevocably and securely
Delete files and Internet traces irrevocably and securely When deleting files, only the references to the files are removed without actually deleting them. With the appropriate APPs, this data can be reconstructed even without special knowledge. Even formatting the hard disk leaves recoverable data, which is not desirable when selling the computer. Remedy is provided by the software abylon SHREDDER. By using recognized deletion methods, files are irrevocably deleted and completely removed. In addition to deleting files and hard disks, Internet traces, temporary files or forensic traces can also be safely removed ... - booking and reservation system
Efficient rental and lending - The rental, lending and booking system. is a booking and reservation system with a sophisticated booking management, a calendar overview of all bookings and reservations, tenant data entry in the rental or lending process, rental and lending object groups with and without direct booking of the individual object and much more. Whether sophisticated pricing system with season, weekend and time of day dependent prices or a simple system where the prices depend on the rental period, maps this including additional and cancellation fees.
Product advertising in online marketing with retargeting contextual targeting behavioral
The productBanner supports you in online marketing with retargeting. Retargeting uses profile information from users of your own websites to display individual advertising messages in reach-based campaigns based on recognition. Intelligent analysis ensures that the advertising strategies are controlled. By identifying the local context of the Internet user and the page content, appropriate advertising content is assigned.
Advertising optimization for webmasters with large internet portals Ad Server Ad Serving
You are a publisher or an agency and have more than one million ad impressions per month on your pages? Then it is worthwhile to substantially improve the advertising placement with optiClick once again. optiClick usually achieves an improvement in revenue of 20-60 %. The program evaluates the targeting and click information and uses it to intelligently select the ads. What does it cost? Transparent, performance-based fees. There are no setup costs, so using optiClick is a minimal investment risk ...
door2parts - Ersatzteilkatalog, eCommerce und Shop Lösung
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog door2parts is the software for the interactive spare parts catalog including variant resolution. The data is taken from interfaces (ERP, PLM / PDM, CAD, for example SAP), integrated into the system and interactively rendered on a user-friendly interface without any additional applications or plug-ins. Above all, door2parts is characterized by its complete eCommerce functionality, ease of use and individual customization options.
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