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Software categories:

Access control, authorization concepts

In this current market overview, you will find software solutions on the subject of access control and authorization concepts, e.g. for security checks and continuous monitoring.

Antispam, Spam Software, Mail Filter

Antispam software is used to protect against unsolicited commercial and malicious emails and includes various filters, syntactic detection and other features.

Antivirus, Antivirus Solutions

Antivirus software generally provides protection against ransomware, crypto Trojans, extortion software and similar malware.

Authentication Systems, Biometrics

Software solutions for access control or authentication can use biometric data, among other things, and are often also used for personnel time recording.

Backup, Data Protection

The backup software listed here is suitable for companies of all types. Programs for automatic data backup are available for a wide range of operating systems.

Cyber Security, Internet Security

In this section you will find solutions for cyber and Internet security. The software usually includes protection against DoS attacks, eavesdropping, spoofing, tampering and much more.

Data Encryption, Cryptography

Data security concepts in companies should always include encryption procedures. Here you will find, among other things, crypto systems for e-mails, texts, audio and image files.

Data Protection

Current software solutions for data protection management, password management, IT baseline protection, data analysis, and electronic guides are listed here.

ISMS - Information Security Management

In this section we present a current market overview of information / IT security management systems that include e.g. assessment tools or monitoring of hardware interfaces.

IT Security (miscellaneous)

The solutions listed here are suitable for software-supported IT emergency planning, for IT vulnerability analyses or for preventing the execution of unwanted macros.

IT surveillance, monitoring

The software listed here is used for monitoring and performance monitoring of networks and computers as part of the service and for proof of service level agreements.