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The backup of data or the backup of application programs and data on the computer systems (PCs, notebooks, networks, servers) is one of the most important processes both in the private sector and especially in companies of all sizes. It is advisable to perform regular data backups using suitable backup software. Most data on PCs and servers cannot be restored without backup in case of data loss. For companies, data backup is therefore one of the absolutely critical business processes and requires professional backup software. Programs for automatic data backup are available for a wide range of operating systems (Windows, MAC, UNIX) and now also as backup solutions with cloud integration.

It is recommended to test the restore of the backed up data from time to time in order to be able to fall back on a really executable backup in case of damage. Only then is archiving really successful! Compare the software for backups and the data backup software for MAC, PC / Windows-based, UNIX or also SaaS backup solutions in the current market overview on the basis of standardized representations.

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Acronis Backup
Acronis - the reliable backup solution
When it comes to data protection, you should not only think about ordinances, but also about a reliable backup solution for all your data. Cyber attacks, lightning strikes, viruses or a hard drive that fails after years - threats to your data are many! So it is important to take care of your data backup with as little effort as possible. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to create backups with just a few clicks. Acronis Backup ensures continuous business processes by guaranteeing data availability around the clock ...
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