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Tools for programming and software development. Developer tools or programming tools are indispensable for software developers for efficient programming. Frequently used developer tools include UML modeling and documentation tools or test automation tools. Other tools popular with programmers are report generators and barcode generators.

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Woodpecker Issue Tracker
webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool
webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool
Woodpecker IT is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management. Its main function is recording and tracking issues, within a freely defined workflow. Woodpecker IT helps you in increasing your efficiency; lower your costs; integrate your customers and improve the quality of your products. Woodpecker IT offers the functionality of a bug tracking system in combination with high flexibility that allows individual adjustments. Among other things ...
i4XML - the iSeries XML Tool
While the iSeries/System i5 world has survived so far without the widespread use of the Extensible Markup Language (XML), technology use is forcing a change. Over the past few years, XML has been transformed from being a useful web development tool into the primary language for data interchange across systems. It is fair to say that iSeries/System i5 shops need to embrace XML as a “de facto” standard and the way forward. For example, many existing company processes use XML as the standard format ie incoming orders from systems like SAP or other “modern” ERP-systems ...
2D Barcode Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec Recognition
Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec 2D barcode recognition from files or images
Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec 2D barcode recognition from files or images
QS-Barcode SDK (Software Development Kit) Recognition is a powerful software for fast, automatic recognition of two-dimensional (2D) barcodes of Data Matrix, PDF417, QR Code and Aztec type from digitized images generated by scanners, by fax and by camera systems, or from Adobe PDF documents. Barcodes are much faster and error-free to locate and recognize than writing (OCR). No special barcode scanners are required for barcode recognition. The QS-Barcode SDK recognition software interprets the image and searches for barcodes and returns the barcode contents ...
Gantt Control VCL
Gantt Control enables software developers to schedule tasks and events
Gantt Control enables software developers to schedule tasks and events
The component Gantt Control VCL enables software developers to visualize and schedule tasks, activities and events in their own software applications in a flexible way. Gantt Control VCL is adaptable to different requirements and is applicable to most scenarios e.g: Project management, Scheduling and task management, Production scheduling, Employee scheduling Core components of the Gantt Control VCL are the gantt chart, the pert chart, the linked table view and a comprehensive printing preview ...
iExcelGen - generate Excel directly at your AS/400
iExcelGen generiert 'native', also direkt auf der AS/400 bzw. iSeries Exceltabellen und stellt diese auf jedem beliebigen Verzeichnis ab. Als Input sind möglich: physische/logische Datenbanken, Query, SQL, Spools. Über den eingebauten eMail-Client können die erstellten Exceltabellen via eMail verteilt werden. Dazu ist lediglich der NAME eines SMTP-Servers anzugeben. Ein Konfigurationsaufwand entsteht nicht. Durch die konsequente Nutzung von Kommandos lässt sich **iExcelGen** auch hervorragend automatisieren: CL, JOB-Scheduler ...
QS-Barcode Recognition SDK (LIB/DLL/OCX)
Barcode Recognition from Digital Images and Adobe PDF Documents
Barcode Recognition from Digital Images and Adobe PDF Documents
Integrate barcode recognition in your applications. QualitySoft offers a powerful software for barcode recognition from digital images or Adobe PDF-Documents. The images are produced using scanners, digital cameras or fax machines. QS-Barcode SDK has been used successfully for years. It recognizes the barcode symbologies Codabar, Code 2/5 interleaved, Code 2/5 Industry, Code 39, Code 39 extended, Code 32, Code 93, EAN 8, EAN 13, UPC A, UPC E, Code 11, Code 128 and EAN 128. New are various Post Codes like Royal Mail Barcode, Dutch Code KIX, Australian, Canadian CPC, Code One, Intelligent Mail Barcode IMB, PostBar, PostNet, Planet Code ...
LOG-WEB SDK: Visual Workbench for Application Integration
LOG-WEB SDK is a software development kit for developing web applications based on your mainframe applications. Generate ready-to-use web applications and fully functional, individual web user interfaces with this tool kit. You don't need expert knowledge to realize individual web applications with the SDK. The LOG-WEB SDK accesses the mainframe applications via the LOG-WEB server and prepares them for application development automatically via a graphical user interface. The fully functional web interfaces for your applications are generated at the push of a button ...
ELMA365 - Low-Code Workflow Plattform
Enjoy the platform with every challenge
Elma365 is a business process-based platform for the development of low-code apps (BPMN 2.0). With the all-in-one platform you accelerate your digital strategy with low-code tools. Go beyond traditional CRM and sales services with low-code tools and customised business processes. Create connections between sales, finance, legal, IT and more.
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