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Woodpecker Issue Tracker

webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool

Version:  9

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Woodpecker IT is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management. Its main function is recording and tracking issues, within a freely defined workflow.

Woodpecker IT helps you in increasing your efficiency; lower your costs; integrate your customers and improve the quality of your products.

Woodpecker IT offers the functionality of a bug tracking system in combination with high flexibility that allows individual adjustments.

Among other things, Woodpecker IT
offers following functions:

  • Freely definable workflow
  • Unlimited number of projects, users, issues, fields and attachments
  • User permission management:
    3 user types, read-only-, write- and status change permission
  • Filter generator:
    Filter and sort issues easily by few clicks or define complex SQL-queries
  • Binary attachments:
    You can assign any attachments (up to 30 MB) to each issue
  • E-mail notification:
    User-friendly possibility to send notifications about new issues or status changes to others, via e-mail
  • Secure HTTPS-connection
  • Import and export via CSV format
  • Transfer of issues between projects
  • Statistical evaluation
  • History function:
    You can assign a history to each field that takes the minutes of all changes made to the field
  • Chat:
    Each issue can be discussed quickly and efficiently via chat window
  • Online help
Target groups:

Sowohl für kleine und mittelständische, als auch für größere Unternehmen für Request-, Issue oder Bug-Tracking bzw. auch für den Einsatz als Help-Desk.

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