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Geoinformation systems or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Spatial Information Systems (SIS) are systems for the acquisition, processing, organization, analysis and presentation of spatial data. Geoinformation systems include the necessary hardware as well as the software and data. They are used in very different areas such as geography, environmental research, marketing, urban planning, logistics or resource management.

Here you will find a current market overview of GIS solutions, geomarketing software or geotargeting software. With this software listed here, authorities and agencies as well as companies are able to professionally control processes based on geographic information (e.g. for geo-based real estate management or geo-based property management). With geotargeting or geomarketing, customers are reached via their mobile devices at their geographical locations with advertising content tailored to them.

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Woodpecker Issue Tracker
webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool
webbased Request-, Issue- and Bug-Tracking-Tool Woodpecker IT is a web-based request, issue or bug tracking tool. You can use it for performing request, version or bug management. Its main function is recording and tracking issues, within a freely defined workflow. Woodpecker IT helps you in increasing your efficiency; lower your costs; integrate your customers and improve the quality of your products. Woodpecker IT offers the functionality of a bug tracking system in combination with high flexibility that allows individual adjustments. Among other things ...
Product advertising in online marketing with retargeting contextual targeting behavioral
productBanner - as individual as your products. The software combines product data with display advertising and branding messages. They can be composed of different elements such as product, search entry or product advisor elements and filled thematically by keyword or category. productBanner uses its own geo-targeting system with improved techniques and thus increases the hit probability.
Software for street lighting management
Software for street lighting management With luxData, you can manage your street or outdoor lighting efficiently. All processes relating to basic and catalog data, the lighting network, maintenance/repair and evaluations/optimization are covered. The innovative solution integrates a MiniGIS component from which you can execute many basic functions. Other interfaces to SAP or MS Office also make your work easier and allow simplified data transport. The modular system is continuously developed further so that it always takes current requirements into account.
Geomarketing and geotargeting - content-based advertising for websites
contextual advertising uses novel analysis technologies that enable automated knowledge extraction from websites for content-based forms of advertising. This enables semantic targeting. It also makes it possible to generate relevance through local advertising (content localization, geotargeting). Geomarketing software determines a meaningful location reference based on web page content or IP geolocation and can then display items near the surfer (tickets, used cars, real estate, etc.).
Simple data management for different objects
Simple data management for different objects luxData.easy is a professional software for the documentation of street lighting or other objects in public areas. The user-friendly software offers various displays of map views and map types. luxData.easy takes over maintenance and repair planning and supports the management of your objects. luxData.easy is THE web application for data storage and display of objects on maps.
IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes
Programme package for earth static calculations
With the IDAT programme packages for earth static calculation, you have the right software for the field of soil mechanics, earthwork and foundation engineering and bring your company one step forward in the digital transformation. The flexible calculation programmes for earth statics can be used individually or together in the package. Stress calculation, static/steady state calculations, H-load distribution or structural design are some of the functions offered, which also take into account all legal standards.
Google Maps
The world's leading map service platform
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