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Software for Authorities and Charges - current Market Overview

Current market overview of software solutions for public authorities and agencies or eGovernment. eGovernment (electronic government) refers to the use of IT technologies and electronic media for the administrative processes of public authorities and government. Communication between authorities and offices or with citizens takes place electronically. Within the scope of eGovernment, for example, an online tax return can be submitted and vehicle registration can be handled online. Many public contracts are also already awarded electronically.

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The public service software listed in this category can generally support municipalities and municipal enterprises as well as, for example, building offices, building yards, combing offices, etc., as well as immigration authorities or social welfare offices. The category includes, among other things, solutions for payroll accounting in the public sector and for cost planning. eGovernment software supports AVA in construction management and includes, for example, loan administration or credit management. Software for offices and authorities maps the workflow and supports the processing for environmental management. Also listed is software for street lighting management, for example, or solutions for social counseling and employee protection.

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Digital employees for authorities and administrations
Digital employees for authorities and administrations The PUBLIC ASSISTANT MR.KNOW supports authorities and public administration in the digitization of processes as well as the implementation of OAA services. The relevant processes can be easily adapted thanks to the supported standard notation BPMN 2.0.
Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management
Locaboo - Efficient room and resource management Locaboo is a web-based software that has developed a simple solution to manage premises in companies, public authorities, churches, sports and leisure facilities with ease. For this purpose, individual widgets are integrated on the website. The widgets are adapted to the design of the website. Depending on your wishes, bookings can be made online via any end device, both from the employees' side and from the customers' side. This allows the bookings to be managed both internally and externally.
model-oriented and parametric 3D CAD software (BIM)
Free trial version! With the model-oriented 3D CAD software ELITECAD Architecture you playfully develop your BIM ( 3D CAD model ). For this purpose, the complete architecture functionality, such as parametrics for walls, ceilings, windows, roofs, stairs, professional rendering, graphical mass determination, extensive interfaces and libraries are available. The definition of free-form surfaces and the modeling of free 3D bodies are also part of the functionality of the full version. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) can be displayed photorealistically by means of integrated rendering functionality and is represented in floor plans ...
Software for Project Management with Processes and Methods
Software for Project Management with Processes and Methods in-STEP BLUE offers organizations integrated support for their processes and the fulfillment of their compliance requirements. The software includes, for example, functions for process-based project management according to V-Modell XT, V-Modell XT Bund and V-Modell XT Bayern, among others, as well as for requirements management and workflows, e.g. for QA cycles. The software also ensures the central and audit-proof management of documents and project results and provides status information for the project manager.
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions
TIMELINE Documentation Tool für Nursing Homes and Institutions TIMELINE covers the legal regulation for documentation in social services. TIMELINE is: simple acquisition of data, few mouse clicks, transparency, consistent processing , little expenditure of time , comprehensive data interpretation By using a template generator you may easily adapt the system to your demands. You receive all objectives and actions at a glance.
rexx Enterprise Recruitment - Applicant Management Software
Process Optimization Applicant Management / eRecruiting & Job Board / Recruitment
Process Optimization Applicant Management / eRecruiting & Job Board / Recruitment rexx Applicant Management Software - experience fast and convenient e-recruiting. Digital applicant management enables efficiency and lean processes in the HR department. With the applicant management software from rexx systems, you can experience modern, fast and convenient e-recruiting. More than 800 customers with about four million application processes per year rely on rexx Recruiting - Europe-wide.
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