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Software for Service Companies Generally - current Market Overview

This overview shows general service provider software. "General" means that this software can be used in a wide variety of service sectors (e.g. architects, CAFM, building cleaners, surveyors, etc.). It is not specifically tailored to a single one of these areas, but is industry-neutral for the service sector. The solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized service providers as well as for large service companies.

The typical business processes such as acquisition, management, marketing and billing of services are mapped. The software helps with customer contacts and CRM and often offers customization options and various interfaces and export options. Manage customers, suppliers, employees or even partners with the help of the software. As a company can thus focus on their core business.

The right software for service providers increases the overall view of the business. It improves planning and provides a solid basis for decision-making. Benefit from the advantages of industry-neutral software for service providers. Get clear project information. Offer your customers better support with the help of software. Modern programs help you save time and money. Put your customers at the center of your services and offer crucial added value. External resources can usually also be better utilized with business software.

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