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This overview shows general service provider software. "General" means that this software can be used in a wide variety of service sectors (e.g. architects, CAFM, building cleaners, surveyors, etc.). It is not specifically tailored to a single one of these areas, but is industry-neutral for the service sector. The solutions are suitable for small and medium-sized service providers as well as for large service companies.

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The typical business processes such as acquisition, management, marketing and billing of services are mapped. The software helps with customer contacts and CRM and often offers customization options and various interfaces and export options. Manage customers, suppliers, employees or even partners with the help of the software. As a company can thus focus on their core business.

The right software for service providers increases the overall view of the business. It improves planning and provides a solid basis for decision-making. Benefit from the advantages of industry-neutral software for service providers. Get clear project information. Offer your customers better support with the help of software. Modern programs help you save time and money. Put your customers at the center of your services and offer crucial added value. External resources can usually also be better utilized with business software.

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aaudius:Software & Consulting for IT, software and consulting companies
audius:Software & Consulting for IT, software and consulting companies
audius:Software & Consulting for IT, software and consulting companies With the industry solution audius:Software & Consulting, IT, software and consulting companies completely map the sales process and project management for their consulting services, service processes and license management. The solution has a modular structure and is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Customer Service.
audius:Seminar for training and seminar management
CRM and seminar management in one solution.
CRM and seminar management in one solution. With audius:Seminar, audius GmbH offers a solution for training institutes and seminar organizers, which is also used in companies in other sectors for internal training measures. The solution spans the spectrum from the management of master data and resources, through the administration of seminars and timetables, to the billing of services. The focus of the process is on participant management and the organization of the lecturers.
All-in-One TMS and WMS solution in the areas of land, air and sea
All-in-One TMS and WMS solution in the areas of land, air and sea The lbase Suite, a transport management and warehouse management complete solution, is an extremely flexible and efficiency-increasing solution for logistics service providers and transport handling. The modular structure with the MS Office oriented user interface guarantees a fast implementation phase. Adaptation to the corporate design is possible without any problems.
Project Software - ERP for Service Providers
Project Software - ERP for Service Providers PROJEKTA is a location-independent, flexible project software that maps your individual project structures. The linked functions provide the project teams with information automatically and digitally, depending on role authorization. From A like address to Z like time recording, all information and processes within the projects are made available in one tool. Processes and projects are linked and made available digitally. Duplicate entries are eliminated and the organization of project information is optimized.
FlexFinance® IFRS
Full compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)
Full compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) FlexFinance® IFRS Accounting FlexFinance® provides the most reliable automated process for IFRS compliance and covers the IFRS accounting process chain. The software supports the requirements of the International Financial Reporting Standard for initial and subsequent valuations of financial instruments. Advantages and Highlights of FlexFinance® IFRS Integrated booking generator "Accounting Rules Engine" (ARE). Event-driven financial accounting. , Freely definable posting logic and chart of accounts ... - booking and reservation system
Efficient rental and lending - The rental, lending and booking system. is a fully web-based reservation and management solution for the rental business of various industries. supports the direct handling of rental transactions between landlord and tenant. The renter can search, compare and book directly online at any time. The comprehensive rental and rental object management with is easy and comfortable. Subcategory-specific selection criteria as decision support for tenants can be mapped as well as mass objects, obligatory and optional accessories and much more.
Unit4 ERP
ERP software for project-oriented service companies
ERP software for project-oriented service companies Unit4 ERP solution is suitable for service companies of all types. The ERP includes numerous modules and functions for business management, which can be used individually or in combination. These include, for example, HR, accounting and finance, project and procurement management, analysis and reporting, and much more. A digital assistant makes work easier for the user, as does the Information Browser, which provides simple and flexible access to information for multiple users.
otris privacy
otris privacy supports the data protection officer in his daily work
otris privacy supports the data protection officer in his daily work The data protection solution offers you targeted analysis and control of operational data protection and IT security standards. With the software, you can optimize security gaps and comprehensively document all data protection measures taken. otris privacy supports company and external data protection officers in their daily work. The software can be used across all industries and maps any company structure. With its comprehensive range of services, otris privacy sets the course for a successful long-term ...
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