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Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies


Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies

Scopevisio is the cloud-based ERP software for mid-market companies

Future-oriented companies can organize and control the entire company with Scopevisio! All commercial processes can be digitalized and automated. You save time, costs and effort with Scopevision!

The software is modular and you can compile it completely individually according to your requirements and needs. If your company grows, Scopevisio grows easily and without problems, because Scopevisio is scalable.

  • Organization: contacts, tasks, activities, time recording, travel recording
  • DMS/ECM: archiving, versioning, eCollaboration, full text search
  • Sales: campaigns, leads, sales projects, offers, forecast
  • Personnel: Wage & Salary, Payroll, Evaluation
  • Procurement: materials and inventory management, ordering, purchasing, stocktaking
  • Finance: GoBD-compliant accounting, payment runs, banking, cash registers, BI integration

Integrate third-party solutions easily via the Scopevisio interface (Openscope). This allows you to continue using existing solutions and centrally manage all business data via Scopevisio. Scopevisio networks all business disciplines in just one tool, which brings more speed to your processes and gives your growth a boost.

Scopevisio comprises six business disciplines. Scopevisio Organization is the basic module, to which you can add the other modules according to your individual needs.


With Scopevisio ORGANISATION, you manage your contacts, documents, tasks and appointments centrally in one place. Information silos no longer stand a chance, because all employees work with the same data on the same platform. Perfect for working in the home office or on the road, with Scopevisio the complete office is always with you!  

Scopevisio FINANCES

Scopevisio FINANCES is the professional, GoBD-certified accounting software from the cloud. Practical functions such as reading out receipts with the help of text recognition or presetting posting rules relieve you of manual work steps. The interface to DATEV ensures easy cooperation with your tax advisor.

Scopevisio DMS/ECM

With the document management system (DMS) from Scopevisio, you turn your office into a digital office. Scopevisio DMS/ECM is closely linked to business processes and thus becomes the cross-departmental information and work platform in your company. E-collaboration, auditing and archiving, as well as many other features improve collaboration.

Scopevisio SALES 

Bring more structure into your lead management and control your sales efficiently! With Scopevisio SALES you can create tailored campaigns, qualify leads according to the BANT method, create sales opportunities and generate offers. Scopevisio structures your entire sales process. This enables you to close more deals and generate more revenue in less time.


With Scopevisio PROCUREMENT you can streamline and automate your procurement processes. The integrated order control creates clarity about reservations and deadlines. Intelligent order suggestions support you in efficiently ordering all required goods and materials. With the help of the integration into the invoice book, incoming invoices can be automatically recorded and assigned to the respective order/delivery. With Scopevisio, you can seamlessly connect procurement processes with upstream and downstream processes and strengthen transparency for all parties involved.

Scopevisio PERSONAL   

Scopevisio Personal is the tool for convenient and legally compliant payroll accounting. Comfort functions, input checks and payroll wizards support you in your everyday work. Over 180 wage types are available. The electronic reporting and certification system also saves time. PERSONAL also offers a wide range of evaluations and reports.

Target groups:

The Scopevisio cloud business software is aimed at companies with 10-1000 employees with a licence requirement of between 2-500 users or medium-sized and larger companies from Germany and Austria. The focus is on the digitalisation and automation of processes, with the aim of making companies more efficient and successful and obtaining a 360° view of the company.


We can name references/success stories for companies in the IT, finance and consulting sectors, including:


Breuer Communications Engineering

The reference company
Name: Breuer Nachrichtentechnik GmbH
Branch: Electrical engineering
Number of employees: 100

BREUER Nachrichtentechnik GmbH in Bonn develops and optimises technical systems and creates customised customer solutions, particularly in the field of measurement and control technology.

The challenge was that Excel and paper filing were no longer adequate for the administration of the growing company. With Scopevisio enterprise software, Breuer Nachrichtentechnik minimised manual work and increased efficiency. In addition to all relevant functions for administration in medium-sized businesses, the company also opted for the accelerated invoice receipt process with predefined review and approval workflows. Especially in accounting, processes have been streamlined thanks to automation functions (OCR recognition, suggestion of creditors, readout of amounts) and the possibility of connecting the tax advisor to the system.

"With Scopevisio, we were and are moving towards a paperless office," explains Reinhardt. There are no more folders with incoming invoices. Invoices are scanned and processed electronically. "Whether it's an order, an incoming or outgoing invoice or correspondence - everything is digital for us."

Patrick Reinhardt, Head of Finance, Breuer Nachrichtentechnik GmbH 


Ecosia GmbH  

The reference company:
Name: Ecosia GmbH
Branch: Information technology
Number of employees: +50 is a free search engine that uses its profits from advertisements to plant trees worldwide.

Ecosia's challenge was to enable location-independent work in accounting while ensuring access from everywhere and ensuring an equal level of information among all employees. With Scopevisio, a secure accounting software from the cloud was chosen, which ensures smooth collaboration thanks to transparently documented changes.

"Scopevisio is ideal for accounting based on division of labour at different locations."

Sabine Kurrle, Controlling Ecosia GmbH  

Paul IT-Service GmbH  

The reference company:
Name: Paul IT-Service GmbH
Branch: Services
Number of employees: 158

Paul IT-Service GmbH, Paul IT for short, is a medium-sized IT service provider specialising in IT support (1st, 2nd and 3rd level support), which it provides for federal authorities and large companies nationwide. In addition, the service specialist also accompanies rollout and migration projects.

Paul IT's challenge was that Word and Excel were no longer sufficient for the commercial processes. Physical paper management and folder filing were to be abolished. With Scopevisio, Paul IT manages project administration, project accounting and preparatory accounting in one software. Manual processes were replaced resulting in considerable time savings. The simple cooperation with the tax consultant via DATEV invoice data service 1.0 was also made possible.

Our monthly total billing is very time-consuming. What used to take ten to twelve days, we now manage in half the time.

- Petra Ebeling, Managing Director Paul IT-Service


For further references, please take a look at our website at

We have received the IT Award 2022 (Gold) and Innovator of the Year 2022 as awards.

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Functions (excerpt) of Scopevisio:

ABC analyses
Address and contact lists
Address Books
Address management
order creation
quotation management
Asset accounting
Working time management
Task management
Order management
Document archiving
Document entry
Document number
Report management
Order forecast
Order management
Operating cost accounting
Break-even analyses
Posting masks
Business Intelligence (BI)
Cash management
Controlling functions
File archiving
DATEV interfaces
Recurring entries
Recurring entries, company codes
Contribution margins
Document archiving
Duplicate functions
E-mail attachments
E-mail archiving
Incoming invoice verification
surplus revenue statement
Financial accounting
Financing management
Financial ratios
Approval workflow
Contact management
account and cost center allocation
Chart of accounts
cost and activity accounting
Cost types, cost centers and cost objects
Customer data
Supplier management
Wages and salaries
Client management
Materials management
Multiple Currencies
Open item management
Open item postings
Online banking
Personnel management
Personnel planning
personnel master data
Project Management
Process costs of the cost centers
Invoice receipt book
Invoice verification
Travel requests
Resource Management
Interfaces to accounting
Interfaces to invoicing
Master data management
Bill of material archive
Bill of material processing
Parts list management
Bill of material processing
Synchronization functions
Sales analyses, ABC analyses
Value Added Tax Identification Number
Sales opportunity management
Various accounting methods
Full text search
Currency conversion
Inventory visibility
merchandise management
Recurring postings
Incoming payments
Payment entry
Payment methods
Time recording


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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
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Manufacturer based in:
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Online Help, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
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Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
Win 7
Win Vista
Win Phone / Mobile
Other requirements for soft- and hardware:
Folgende Systemanforderungen sind zur Nutzung von Scopevisio erforderlich: Internetverbindung mit mindestens 2Mbit empfohlen: Bei einer größeren Benutzerzahl (> 20) und großen Datenmengen werden 2Mbit und mehr benötigt. Bei Verwendung einer Terminalser