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Financial management software helps you keep track of finances in the company. In addition to the pure representation of input and output, financial software can also manage contracts and share portfolios, for example. With the financial software listed here, it is possible for companies to create a financial plan for liquidity planning and to plan capital requirements ("capital requirements planning"). Financial planning software helps to ensure the solvency of the company or private household by comparing expected cash inflows and outflows. This enables early detection of liquidity gaps. Solutions for financial planning also include down payment management, banking software and programs for preparing complete corporate and trade tax returns.

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Diamant/4 Corporate Accounting
Group Accounting - Much more than just consolidation
Group Accounting - Much more than just consolidation Diamant/4 provides you with efficient and extremely comprehensive financial software that is ideal for use within a group, among other things. Thanks to the large number of automatic processes, it allows you to work quickly and is easy to use.
Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies
Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies With Scopevisio, you automate your routine commercial tasks and manage your projects time- and cost-efficiently, even on the road. From contact management to accounting: with Scopevisio, you implement your digitalisation project and lay the foundation for future growth. We offer the software solution for your digital transformation - operated in German high-security data centres. We have received the IT Award 2022 (Gold) and Innovator of the Year 2022 as awards.
CIO Cockpit
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation.
Create transparency in your IT - for more efficiency and cost optimisation. What is IT Financial Management? Digital business models, new challenges: A development that particularly affects the IT organisation of companies. Until recently, IT was a service provider on call, but in the future it will play an active role in shaping business. The age of the IT manufacture is ending - that of the IT service provider with economic responsibility is beginning. This means that the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is changing. Until now, the CIO was primarily a technology manager ...
anaptis Status Lights
Work more intuitively with the traffic light for documents for MS Dynamics 365
anaptis Status Lights is an add-on for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The pictorial representation of the document status is based on a traffic light and the three different statuses are therefore easy to recognize and the tool is therefore easy to use. The add-on supports the daily work and helps to facilitate and improve the information intake. You can see immediately what the document status is. Free trial version available for Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud.
Software solution for consolidation (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP) and planning & reporting
Software solution for consolidation (HGB, IFRS, US-GAAP) and planning & reporting The elKomKons software makes it much easier to optimize financial planning processes. This is because the beneficial functions and features of the application are particularly profitable for internal finance.
Corporate Planner
Software for Corporate Performance Management
Software for Corporate Performance Management Corporate Planner OC. Focus on the essentials and make targeted decisions. Corporate Planner OC comes with over 300 business administration functions to help you steer your business in the right direction: create top-down or bottom-up plans, produce automatic forecasts, trend analyses and simulations, or run through a variety of scenarios. All your operational budgets can be transferred automatically to the integrated financial plan. Whether it’s variance analysis, 80/20 analysis, break-even analysis, key ratio analysis or trend analysis – our solution offers a wide range of features for dynamic data evaluation ...
Best Practice in der Bewertung von Investitionen
INVEST for EXCEL is a financial software program programmed in Microsoft Excel. The program supports managers, business consultants, financial experts, investment analysts and controllers in the development of cash flow models.
System for clearing and settlement of fund transactions
The FundLine-S software solution maps the complete workflow of fund transactions. This includes, among other things, the entry of fund orders, reporting with the fund management, calculation of transaction fees, generation of settlement, etc.
Software for integrated corporate planning, reporting and group consolidation
Software for integrated corporate planning, reporting and group consolidation The flexible financial software for your integrated corporate planning with automatic creation of balance sheet, P&L, cash flow and liquidity planning objects. elKomPlan is used successfully by small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. The program includes sub-plans for turnover, sales, investment, personnel and loans. Subplans can be periodized automatically. It also allows any number of individual sub-plans to be defined ...
FundLine-O - System for the automation of off-exchange fund orders
FundLine-O is an application for automating over-the-counter fund orders. With FundLine-O, investors can manage their portfolios online and submit orders to various fund companies. In addition, the application offers comprehensive analysis tools to evaluate the performance of individual funds.
System for automating the processing of portfolio commissions, sales follow-up commission
FundLine-R is a financial software for the area of portfolio commissions. The software supports the automation of all activities associated with the processing of commissions and fees. In the process, both disbursement and receipt and distribution of commissions are comprehensively mapped in an audit-proof manner and in compliance with regulatory requirements such as MiFID II.
System for automated checking of transactions for market conformity
RiskLine-M is a system for automated review of trades for market fairness. The system checks trades using a rule-based algorithm and generates a report containing the results of the check. The integration of different data providers allows the application of additional methods for quality assurance of the information. Due to the open system architecture, any number of data sources and target systems can be connected to RiskLine.
System for distribution and quality assurance of price and rate information
RiskLine-P is a total solution for validation, distribution and quality assurance of price information in your company. RiskLine supports you in complying with regulatory requirements and enables audit-proof market data supply. The data supply is designed by the program to be fail-safe and to ensure data consistency.
audius:Finance for financial service providers
Industry solution for financial service providers
Industry solution for financial service providers The audius:Finance industry solution combines the general benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with the specific requirements of various groups of financial service providers: it offers business processes for asset management, the development and sale of investment products, real estate development and brokerage as well as for insurance brokers. Financial service providers receive a modular software solution that is precisely tailored to their business model.
Simple, digital financing and loan management.
Simple, digital financing and loan management. Loanboox - Your digital copilot for real estate financing Do you need flawless financing? With Loanboox you have a correct analysis and structuring of your financing needs, a professional tender up to a fair comparison of the offers and the conclusion ...
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