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audius:Finance for financial service providers

Industry solution for financial service providers
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The all-in-one solution for financial service providers

audius:Finance combines the general advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with the industry-specific requirements of various groups in the field of financial services: companies from asset management, development and sales of investment products, real estate development and distribution as well as insurance agents receive a solution that is precisely tailored to their business model.

The building block system for stringent and efficient business processes

The modular structure of audius:Finance offers the possibility of realizing company-specific requirements through individual components for asset management, insurance, investment and real estate. Above all, brokers who offer cross-industry products (for example, investment and insurance products) combine the individual components as required. 

The complete solution offers a „complete package“:

  • the functions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the areas of sales, marketing and service
  • the industry-specific extensions of audius:Finance
  • the combination of modules according to the company-specific requirements.

In addition, users enjoy the integration possibilities of the Microsoft product range and Microsoft 365 or document management with Microsoft SharePoint in their everyday work. 

The industry solution offers the following components:

  • audius:Finance – solution platform
  • audius:AssetManagement for asset management
  • audius:Investment for the development and distribution of investment products
  • audius:Insurance for insurance brokers
  • audius:RealEstate for real estate development, sale and management.
audius:Agenda - Schnittstelle zu Agenda Rechnungswesen
audius:BankClearing - SEPA-Schnittstelle
audius:DATEV - Buchungsassistent für Dynamics 365 Sales
audius:Transaction - für den automatisierten Import von Transaktionen
Konnektoren Microsoft Power Platform
Schnittstelle zu Immobilienportal Immobilienscout24
Address and contact lists
Address duplicates
Address merging
Address management
Analysis and simulation
quotation management
Quotation system
Contact persons
Article, customer and invoice numbers
Asset management
Task management
Termination of contracts
Order management
Notification system
User and rights management
User management
Evaluation of risks
Claim management
CRM customer data reconciliation
Data protection
Duplicate functions
E-mail functions
E-mail management
Single and shell contracts
Reminder and escalation functions
Export functions
Filter function
Fund management
Form management
Fee management
Geographical display
Large address quantities
History creation
Real estate management
Import functions
Calendar and appointment management
Campaign management
Contact management
Contact persons
Contact planner
Customer accounts
Customer communication
Customer display
Customer data
Customer data import
Customer display
Customer experience management
Customer frontend and backend
Customer groups
Customer history
Customer account overview
Customer portal
Customer complaint
Customer management
Course data import
Lead management
Mailing functions
Broker portal
Client management
Marketing tools
Multi-user capability
Metadata and tagging
Sample letters, contracts
Sample contracts
Portfolio management
Forecasting and planning
Complaint Management
Risk assessment
Risk management
Serial letters
Mail merge functions
SLA contract management
Master data management
Phone logs
Deadline and time limit monitoring
Text modules
Transaction management
Sales opportunity management
Insurance data
Insurance lists
Contract approval workflow
Contract type definition
Contract controlling
Contract content entry
Contract management
Contract partner management
Template management
Maintenance contracts
Workflow management
Central address management
Additional database fields
Target groups:
  • audius:AssetManagement for asset management
  • audius:Investment for the development and distribution of investment products
  • audius:Insurance for insurance brokers
  • audius:RealEstate for real estate development, sale and management.

The minimum number of users for the implementation is 5 users.

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