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Software categories:

Operating systems, add-ons

Here you will find an overview of commercial operating systems for PCs, notebooks and servers etc. as well as add-ons.

Editors, Viewers

In this section you will find an overview of editors and viewers for standard formats such as PDF, EPS, JPG, etc. but also plot files. Also listed here are special GAEB and GDV viewers.

Oracle Software

This category includes both original solutions from Oracle and programs that include Oracle software as a basis or, for example, are based on an Oracle database.

PDF Edit, Convert, Print

In this section you can find PDF converters, PDF printers and tools for invoice signing, barcode creation for PDFs and for storing scanned documents.


In this section you will find systems and solutions for virtualization. Software supports virtualization of servers, storage, applications, desktops or entire resources, among others.