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Standard Software, Commercial off-the-shelf

Normally, software is referred to as standard software if it already exists and does not have to be developed first as opposed to individual software. In this section, however, the term "standard software" refers to software packages that are used for standard tasks across all industries. Independently of the industry or the operational range of application there is in each office need of already finished configured software for standard tasks such as picture treatment, word processing programs, scheduling and translations and so on. Likewise, database software, operating systems and office applications are used everywhere.

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Software categories:

Appointment Scheduling

Scheduling software is used throughout the operational environment and especially by service providers, manufacturers and also by clinics and medical practices.

Databases (Applications)

Database software and database-related developments for various databases are presented in this section.

DTP (Desktop Publishing)

The DTP software listed here supports the layout of brochures, catalogs, magazines, etc. and is used to create print-ready files for forwarding to the print shop or for cross-media publishing.

Financial Managment

Financial software for capital budgeting, liquidity planning, down payment management, banking software or for preparing corporate and business tax returns are listed here.

Image editing, Image processing

The image editing software listed here helps, for example, to optimize digital photos, batch processing, image presentation, RAW management, etc.

Microsoft Office

In addition to the various Microsoft Office products, this section also includes extensions such as templates, Excel generators and Excel readers.

OCR, Text Recognition

The OCR software listed in this section can be used to scan, recognize and capture documents. The OMR tools are often used in the evaluation of forms or questionnaires.

Operating Systems, Add-ons

Here you will find an overview of commercial operating systems for PCs, notebooks and servers etc. as well as add-ons.

Oracle Software

This category includes both original solutions from Oracle and programs that include Oracle software as a basis or, for example, are based on an Oracle database.

PDF Edit, Print

In this section you can find PDF converters, PDF printers and tools for invoice signing, barcode creation for PDFs and for storing scanned documents.

Presentation Software

Presentation programs support the creation of lectures, presentations or papers. They are often also used for Internet presentations or CD/DVD use.

Route Planning

Navigation software with route planning is particularly suitable for companies in the transport industry for economical route planning.

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition software supports many professions with a high written documentation workload such as lawyers, doctors, insurance contractors and many more. Special voice recognition software can be used for authentication by voice, for example.

Standard Software (Miscellaneous)

Listed here is general, flexible standard software that can generally be used across functions and industries.

Translation Software

This section includes translation software and dictionary software from different vendors that support translating texts into another language in terms of content and semantics.

Utilities, Tools

The tools and utilities listed here include tuning for Windows as well as content and address grabbers, file viewers or converter tools.

Video Editing

Current market overview of software for video editing, management and analysis. The software is used, for example, to create or edit corporate videos.

View and Edit

In this section you will find an overview of editors and viewers for standard formats such as PDF, EPS, JPG, etc. but also plot files. Also listed here are special GAEB and GDV viewers.


In this section you will find systems and solutions for virtualization. Software supports virtualization of servers, storage, applications, desktops or entire resources, among others.