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Databases (Applications) - current Market Overview

The term database software is used here to describe software that is used in connection with a database system and the database management systems. It may be the database management system itself or it may be a simple or possibly complex tool used in administration, benchmarking, analysis, monitoring, controlling or reporting.

Database-related developments of software exist for different databases. Meanwhile, a database can hold very extensive information. Complex databases are therefore often used for operational areas such as merchandise management systems. Important in these application scenarios are, among other things, the performance of SQL queries and the backup options of the database.

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DataQualityTools 6
Data Cleansing Software
With the DataQualityTools, data can be prepared conveniently and without great effort. This applies in particular to the error-tolerant search for duplicate addresses and the consideration of advertising refusal lists. The program is self-explanatory and therefore easy to use, it is fast and delivers excellent, well-graded results. Here is a brief overview of the main features of DataQualityTools: Duplicate cleansing Among other things, the postal address can be used as a criterion for searching for duplicates/duplicates ...
4ALLPORTAL- DAM Software - Digital Asset Management
More time for your core business: With the 4ALLPORTAL you can manage your data in no time
More time for your core business: With the 4ALLPORTAL you can manage your data in no time
4ALLPORTAL DAM serves as a single point of truth for data management, where you can connect all third-party systems with an open API to manage, backup, edit or send data. In addition to a cloud solution, 4ALLPORTAL offers an on-premise solution. In this way, companies can individually develop their 4ALLPORTAL on their own servers. If you have any questions, the 4ALLPORTAL development team and a fixed contact person from the manufacturer will help.
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