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Microsoft Office is the market-leading office software from Microsoft and is executable under the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. Microsoft Office essentially consists of the programs Microsoft Outlook for e-mail and task planning, Microsoft Word for word processing, Microsoft Excel for spreadsheets, Microsoft Access for database management and the presentation program PowerPoint, which can also be run individually. Depending on the edition, the DTP software Microsoft Publisher is also part of the Office package. In addition to the various Office products, this section also presents extensions such as templates or Excel generators, but also Excel readers for AS/400.

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Microsoft Outlook
Emails, contacts and appointment calendar - organization made easy!
Outlook not only supports you in receiving and sending e-mails, but also helps you with appointment management, managing your contacts, tasks and notes. Manage multiple email accounts and schedule meetings or other appointments with multiple participants via Outlook Calendar. You can see appointment overlaps of participants immediately. Outlook supports collaboration with user group features that make working in teams efficient. For example, create groups for marketing, sales, etc., to improve ...
iExcelGen - generate Excel directly at your AS/400
iExcelGen generiert 'native', also direkt auf der AS/400 bzw. iSeries Exceltabellen und stellt diese auf jedem beliebigen Verzeichnis ab. Als Input sind möglich: physische/logische Datenbanken, Query, SQL, Spools. Über den eingebauten eMail-Client können die erstellten Exceltabellen via eMail verteilt werden. Dazu ist lediglich der NAME eines SMTP-Servers anzugeben. Ein Konfigurationsaufwand entsteht nicht. Durch die konsequente Nutzung von Kommandos lässt sich **iExcelGen** auch hervorragend automatisieren: CL, JOB-Scheduler ...
primedocs template management software
Working with Microsoft documents has never been so easy
Working with Microsoft documents has never been so easy Numerous processes for Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be made much more efficient and error-free with the OneOffixx template management software from PrimeDocs GmbH. Time-controlled and multilingual eMarketing campaigns as well as CI/CD updates, for example, succeed at the push of a button and documents are created in the corporate design without format errors.
DOCUNIZE™ – Template Management System for Microsoft Office Templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for Microsoft Office templates and Outlook signatures. DOCUNIZE allows central integration of new templates and central maintenance of existing ones. So all employees, no matter in which subsidiary or at which location they are, automatically have access to just the current, approved templates. Accordingly, the product ensures that the corporate identity is maintained and all templates are used in a legally correct way.
show 1 to 4 (of 4 entries)

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