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DOCUNIZE™ – Template Management System for Microsoft Office Templates

DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates
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DOCUNIZE™ – Management System for MS Office Templates

Template management is an issue that affects almost all departments of a company - executive board, marketing, quality management, IT department and the users.

DOCUNIZE™ is a professional template management system for Microsoft Office templates (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook signatures). DOCUNIZE™ allows central integration of new templates and central maintenance of existing ones. So all employees, no matter in which subsidiary or at which location they are, automatically have access to just the current, approved templates. Accordingly, the product ensures that the corporate identity is maintained and all templates are used in a legally correct way.

And the winner is …
DOCUNIZE™ is the winner of the German IT Award INNOVATIONSPREIS-IT 2013 in the Office Management category.
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Would you like to

  • reduce your administration costs for template management?
  • perform quick mass changes in templates?
  • save time when filling the templates?
  • have templates available offline?
  • realize a higher CD compliance and legal security?
  • use your templates globally?
  • use a future-proof technology for your template management?

The answer is DOCUNIZE™.


DOCUNIZE™ – Key Features

  • Provision of templates considering company structures, grouping and search of templates
  • Working with different profiles / roles
  • Text modules for Word templates
  • Web Client for mobile devices (Android, iOS)
  • Multi-language capability of templates and end user frontend
  • VBA-free templates, no programming skills required for producing dynamic contents
  • Interface to MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, MS ActiveDirectory, MS SharePoint
  • Support of the current Microsoft Office format (Office Open XML) and all its benefits
  • Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows 10 compatibility
  • To use with Microsoft Office 2010, 2013, 2016 and Office 365

Top benefits

… for end users

  • time savings through simple availability to the user (favorites, grouping, filtering, search, personal templates)
  • time savings through automatic completion of templates with personal signature data (name, e-mail, address etc.).

… for IT template administration (administrators, IT staff)

  • avoidance of redundancies in the templates through modular design
  • fast and easy implementation of mass changes in templates

… for executive board/quality management/marketing:

  • high degree of legal security through prompt, fast and central changes
  • consistent corporate design when using the templates
  • e-mail signatures or individual text modules in the templates can be used for effective advertising (e.g. announcement of events or product launches)
Target groups:

The use of DOCUNIZE™ pays off in particular

  • for companies using a large number of MS Office based templates
  • for companies with several sites
  • for companies using and managing templates in various languages 
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