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Templates and sample contracts are already pre-formulated texts for frequently occurring use cases such as employment contracts, rental agreements, business plans, text modules for contracts, forms and Microsoft Office templates, etc.

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In this section you will find an overview of templates and sample contracts on a variety of topics. The range extends from sample letters and sample contracts for the construction sector, templates for legally compliant warnings, report templates for job appraisals or even development reports. Template management and the use of sample contracts affect a wide variety of areas throughout the company. Management, users, marketing or quality management - recurring templates are used everywhere.

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DOCUNIZE™ – Template Management System for Microsoft Office Templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates
DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for MS Office templates DOCUNIZE is a professional template management system for Microsoft Office templates and Outlook signatures. DOCUNIZE allows central integration of new templates and central maintenance of existing ones. So all employees, no matter in which subsidiary or at which location they are, automatically have access to just the current, approved templates. Accordingly, the product ensures that the corporate identity is maintained and all templates are used in a legally correct way.
primedocs template management software
Working with Microsoft documents has never been so easy
OneOffixx template management can be used for practically all companies, as the software solution simplifies the management of document templates as well as providing a location-independent access system. Address data can be integrated into the created templates just as intuitively as, for example, dynamic signatures and text modules can be integrated.
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