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The listed construction software for building construction, civil engineering and strap construction supports, among other things, the processing of quotations, the determination of quantities and the construction accounting (partial invoice, partial final invoice, final invoice, daily wage accounting). It includes subcontractor support, operational accounting and construction wage and payroll accounting. Construction wages and down payment accounting are special features of the commercial handling of construction projects.

The construction software for building construction, civil engineering and road construction usually includes interfaces for country regulations. It offers, among other things, cross-section calculation according to Gauss-Elling and modules for construction time planning and project planning. Architects, civil engineers and other construction managers are obliged to keep a construction diary. A job for which there are construction diary software solutions.

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IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes
Programme package for earth static calculations
Building ground surveyors and structural engineers benefit from the IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes, which are available in two different programme packages and include functions for calculations, documentation, timber and steel construction, earth pressure, etc. according to corresponding applicable norms and standards. Programme package 1 includes WinBösch, WinNagel, WinSetz and WinGrubru and programme package 2 WinPfahl, WinSteif, WinWand and WinBaugr for individual or composite use.
Precast Software
Technical processing of precast concrete elements under AutoCAD
Comfortable and comprehensive software for complete technical processing of precast concrete elements under AutoCAD - Architectural Desktop (ADT) with data interface for invoicing. The program package consists of the following programs, which can be used separately or together: AcadWand for precast concrete walls with modules for solid wall, double wall, thermal wall, sandwich wall and stone wall (sand-lime wall). AcadSlab for precast concrete slabs with modules for element, solid, prestressed concrete, TT and hollow core slabs ...
Programme package for laboratory tests in soil mechanics, earthwork and foundation enginee
Soil experts, gravel plants and foundation engineering laboratories benefit from IDAT's comprehensive range of evaluation programmes for laboratory tests. Choose from three product packages, such as IDATLab Part 1 with Proctor test, plate load test, grain size distribution, density determinations, water content, etc., IDATLab Part 2 with shear test, permeability test, determination of unconfined compressive strength, triaxial test, etc. or IDATLab Part 3 with water absorption capacity, lime content, loss on ignition, grain density and CBR test. All programmes convince with simple data input.
Location and localisation of images incl. app for Android and iOS
Location and localisation of images incl. app for Android and iOS With Bildverortung 2023 you can quickly and efficiently locate, describe and manage images on plans or floor plans. In addition, you can specify the respective camera location for each image.
cadvilla house planning software (CAD for architecture)
cadvilla - State-of-the-art architecture software for planning and design
cadvilla - State-of-the-art architecture software for planning and design Design commercial real estate with cadvilla and plan projects photorealistically in 3D. The user interface with clear multi-function bars and helpful dialogs when using design elements enable you to operate the 3D architecture software intuitively and learn it quickly. From the floor plan according to German standards, to the integration of windows and doors, stair elements and connections, you work your way step by step to the setup and detailing of your house design.
SIDOUN Globe4all®
Innovative, leistungsfähige Cloud AVA-Software.
Innovative, leistungsfähige Cloud AVA-Software. SIDOUN Globe4all® ist die innovative, leistungsfähige Cloud AVA-Software, die Sie per Download und Client-Installation kostenfrei nutzen können. SIDOUN Globe® bietet Ihnen den vollen Funktionsumfang, den Sie von einer guten Ausschreibungssoftware erwarten.
mydocma MM
Progress through defects management
Progress through defects management Today's defect management process requires collaboration between different project participants with different interests. With our defect management software, you reduce interfaces between the parties involved and provide them with exactly the documents and information they need based on their role in the project or company. This keeps everyone up to date at all times.
Construction diary 2023
Programme for comprehensive documentation of the construction process
Programme for comprehensive documentation of the construction process Bautagebuch 2023 is a programme for the comprehensive documentation of the construction process as well as for the creation and management of construction diaries and construction site reports. The clearly arranged structure, the easy handling and the possibility to adapt the programme to the individual needs of the user make the software a valuable tool in everyday work. In addition, the programme includes a free app for Android and iOS.
model-oriented and parametric 3D CAD software (BIM)
Free trial version! With the model-oriented 3D CAD software ELITECAD Architecture you playfully develop your BIM ( 3D CAD model ). For this purpose, the complete architecture functionality, such as parametrics for walls, ceilings, windows, roofs, stairs, professional rendering, graphical mass determination, extensive interfaces and libraries are available. The definition of free-form surfaces and the modeling of free 3D bodies are also part of the functionality of the full version. The BIM (Building Information Modeling) can be displayed photorealistically by means of integrated rendering functionality and is represented in floor plans ...
Web-based (construction) project communication system with versatile module connection
Web-based (construction) project communication system with versatile module connection PKS NETPlan® is web software for project communication and management. With its modular structure, it represents the consistent recording of all project information and enables efficient control of projects. The modules include document management, an electronically maintained construction diary, plan and protocol management, QM with defect tracking, photo documentation, contract and addendum management and process support.
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