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IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes

Programme package for earth static calculations
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Industry 4.0, i.e. the automation and digitalisation of all company processes, is a major challenge for everyone involved in the construction industry. With the right software for soil mechanics, earthwork and foundation engineering, you can meet today's demands and provide high-quality services cost-effectively. The IDAT programme packages for earth static calculations can be implemented flexibly and are easy to use. The Earth Statics programme package consists of various programmes that can be used individually or together. Available is the programme package Part 1 for earth static calculations with WinBösch, WinNagel, WinSetz and WinGrubru as well as Part 2 with WinPfahl, WinSteif, WinWand and WinBaugr.

The following areas are covered by the individual software programmes:

WinBösch for stability analysis of slopes and embankments according to DIN 4084, EC 7, DIN 1054 new:

  • with sliding circles according to Bishop
  • with broken sliding surfaces according to Janbu and Morgenstern
  • with block sliding surfaces (composite rigid body mechanism)

WinNagel for the calculation of nailed retaining structures according to DIN 4084, EC 7, DIN 1054 old and new:

  • Internal safety, external safety, safety against sliding, tipping, ground failure
  • with circular sliding surfaces according to Bishop
  • with block sliding surfaces (composite rigid body mechanism)
  • Proof of the individual parts

WinSetz for settlement and canting calculation according to Steinbrenner, DIN 4019 part 1 and 2 and DIN 1054 new

  • Consideration of timing (also for vertical rains)

WinGrubru for the calculation of the bearing capacity according to DIN 4017 and DIN 1054 new:

  • Rectangular and circular individual foundations
  • Strip foundations
  • Punching shear proof for layered soils

WinPfahl for geotechnical design of pile foundations according to DIN 4014, DIN 1054 new, EC 7and EA Piles:

  • Single piles as well as pile groups
  • Optionally also with settlement calculation

WinSteif for foundation slab calculation according to the constrained modulus method in accordance with DIN 4018, EC 7 and DIN 1054.

WinWand for earth pressure calculation for rigid retaining walls and abutments according to DIN 4085, DIN 1054 new and EC 7

  • Underpinning, angle retaining walls, etc.

WinBaugr for calculation of earth pressure and internal forces for excavation walls (sheet pile, soldier pile, bored pile and diaphragm walls) according to EAB and DIN 4124, DIN 1054 new, EC 7:

  • with dimensioning of the individual parts of the walls (DIN 4124, DIN 1054, EC 7, EAB)
  • Additional module for the calculation of the liquid diaphragm wall (DIN 4126)

Target groups:

  • Building ground surveyor
  • Structural engineer
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Functions (excerpt) of IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes:

Floor slabs
documentation of calculations
Earth pressure
Area characteristics
Foundation engineering
H-load distribution
Timber construction
norms and standards
Stress calculation
Steel construction
static/steady state calculations
Structural design


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