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Current market overview of industry software, programs and solutions for structural engineers, structural analysis offices and structural engineers. The structural analysis software includes general structural analysis (e.g. wind or snow load determination, plane beam or H-load distribution), but also structural analysis calculations for, for example, foundation engineering, reinforced concrete construction, timber construction, masonry construction and steel construction. Furthermore, software for structural engineers also offers possibilities for stability calculations of slopes, supporting structures, pile foundations, settlement and canting calculations or earth pressure calculations, among others.

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Location and localisation of images incl. app for Android and iOS
Location and localisation of images incl. app for Android and iOS With Bildverortung 2023 you can quickly and efficiently locate, describe and manage images on plans or floor plans. In addition, you can specify the respective camera location for each image.
IDAT - Earth static calculation programmes
Programme package for earth static calculations
As software for earthwork and foundation engineering, the IDAT programme packages for earth static calculations provide programmes for the stability calculation of slopes, for the geotechnical design of pile foundations, for the earth pressure calculation for rigid retaining walls and abutments, and much more. Of course, applicable norms and standards are taken into account. With these solutions, you remain flexible and work efficiently at the highest technological level.
GLASGLOBAL® Software for calculating the static proof according to DIN 18008
The professional statics software according to DIN 18008 contains all the necessary calculations and loads. With GLASGLOBAL®, glasses according to DIN 18008 can be dimensioned statically. All loads to be considered such as snow, wind, dead weight, traffic loads or climatic fluctuations in air pressure and temperature are tested during the calculation. Stress and deflection are compared with the permitted values and displayed on a clear result expression.
Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies
Cloud enterprise software for the mid-market companies With Scopevisio, you automate your routine commercial tasks and manage your projects time- and cost-efficiently, even on the road. From contact management to accounting: with Scopevisio, you implement your digitalisation project and lay the foundation for future growth. We offer the software solution for your digital transformation - operated in German high-security data centres. We have received the IT Award 2022 (Gold) and Innovator of the Year 2022 as awards.
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