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Software for Trade, Retail and Wholesale - Categories Overview

In the section software for trading companies, retail software, wholesaler software you will find industry software designed for specific industries. This includes, for example, industry software for the car trade, food trade, building materials trade, mail order, retail and wholesale trade and furniture trade. Special solutions are also offered for the book trade, the medical trade or the mineral oil trade, among others.

Industry software for the retail sector varies greatly in scope and use in each industry. For example, software for wholesalers often takes into account international trade relations with different tax laws, currencies and exchange rates. Retail software, for example, includes the information collected at the checkout and passes it on to the system, so that the new stock level can be called up automatically and the purchasing department is informed when new goods need to be reordered. Retailer software usually contains all the functions needed for the operation process and is adapted to the necessities of the particular retail industry.

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Software categories:

Book Trade, Magazine Market

Current market overview of industry software for book and magazine dealers (mail order, publishing booksellers, antiquarian bookshops, book wholesalers, etc.).

Building Material Suppliers

Listed here is software for DIY store operators, builders' merchants, tile dealers, purchasing associations, which depicts purchasing, warehousing, route planning, among other things.

Car Dealers

Car dealers, garages, tire dealers can find suitable software for vehicle and warehouse management, contract management, etc. in this current market overview.

Computer Shops

Software solutions for computer retailers, IT / EDP trade, mobile phone shops as well as media and electronics shops.

Electrical Trade

In this section you will find an up-to-date listing of industry software for electrical retailers, electrical stores, specialist shops for light, lighting and electrical installations.

Food Retail

This section presents software solutions for the food trade, hypermarkets, beverage trade that take into account industry-specific processes such as MHD, certificate management, etc.

Furniture Stores and Trade

Industry software for furniture retailers, furniture stores, kitchen studios, interior decorators as well as office retailers can be found in this latest software overview.

Import, Export Trade

Listed here is industry software for companies involved in import and export. The solutions depict, among other things, calculations, freight tables, customs calculations and much more.

Jewelry Trade

The current overview of industry programs for the jewelry and watch trade and for jewelers includes industry-specific merchandise management systems and, for example, software for spare parts and repair services.

Mail Order Software

In this current market overview you will find software solutions for the mail order business in general or for special mail order companies. The programs depict, among other things, order processing and warehouse management.

Other Trade Sectors

Here you will find software for trade industries from the areas of glass trade, sanitary trade, energy trade, mineral oil trade and other industries.

Photography Studio

Current market overview of software solutions for photographers and the photo trade with customer and appointment management, location management and much more.

Retail Management

Here we present industry systems for the retail trade, which usually include merchandise management and cash register solutions and take branch management into account, among other things.

Second Hand Trade

This section shows software for second hand trade. The solutions are adapted to the sector specific characteristics of the trade with second hand goods.

Textile Trade

Listed here is software that includes industry-specific features for textile retail, fashion shops, bridal wear, chain shops in textile retail.

Trade (miscellaneous)

Retailers and wholesalers will find general software that can be used across all industries.

Wholesale and Wholesalers

Wholesalers from a wide range of sectors (catering, paper, IT, pharmacies, etc.) will find software here to map typical retail company processes.