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Software for Photo Trade - current Market Overview

Current market overview of industry software, programmes and solutions for the photo trade. Software for photo retailers and photographers usually includes customer management and appointment management (resources, models, shoots, etc.). Software for photographers or photo studios includes order management, product management and cash register solutions. Cash register systems for photo studios are GoBD or GDPdU compliant and enable the creation of cash statements and reports. Sales statistics can also be created.

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The software enables, among other things, branch management and usually has interfaces to e.g. Datev and FIBU. An online shop can also be integrated into the software for the photo trade. The software for photographers may include location management and shoot planning and be equipped with contract management for models. Software for photographers may include tools for describing digital images according to the IPTC/NAA standard.

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AdmiralCloud - Digital Asset Management
Full scope of services for optimised workflows and sensational media experiences
Full scope of services for optimised workflows and sensational media experiences AdmiralCloud is a Next Generation DAM relied upon by +1500 customers in over 120 countries. All data is hosted in Germany and therefore subject to German data protection. Images, videos, audios, PDFs, InDesigs, Office docs, graphics, 3D content can be edited, managed and played out worldwide. AdmiralBASIC already offers AI-supported auto-tagging, comprehensive management functions and playout templates.
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