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This market overview shows a variety of store systems for e-commerce. Most e-commerce or online store systems usually have various components for trading on the Internet. One of the basic components is a database with product information. This product information may be linked to a product information management system. In addition, web stores include a payment system to handle the payment process, a presentation system and various administrative tools. Often, web stores include a module for web tracking or for recommendations. Depending on the online store software or webshop software, the customizability and scalability varies. Usually, the store systems are adapted to the desired design via a template.

The e-commerce solutions for online retail presented here range from entry-level products to high-end store systems, for example, for integration into existing ERP solutions. Compare the store systems in this current market overview using standardized program presentations. Among other things, the store software should support you in ordering, invoicing and shipping your goods. In addition to solutions for returns management or software for mail order based on Dynamics NAV, online store systems with integrated content management systems and products for handling auctions are described.

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Product advertising in online marketing with retargeting contextual targeting behavioral
productBanner makes you successful in content-based and locally targeted banner advertising. Features of the software include retargeting, contextual targeting and geo-targeting, test group campaigns and fraud detection. Links to cross-selling products can be contributed in a meaningful way. The software is scalable for millions of ad impressions per day.
E-commerce solution and store system with CMS, PIM, SCM, PunchOut (OCI and Ariba), shop-in
E-commerce solution and store system with CMS, PIM, SCM, PunchOut (OCI and Ariba), shop-in The expeedo e-commerce framework easily maps all your business processes and is one of the top e-commerce solutions. Promote your online opportunities and innovations thanks to its high scalability. With the expeedo e-commerce solution, you ensure smooth data exchange with suppliers, have dedicated evaluation options and an out-of-the-box system for efficient order processes. epeedo offers a sophisticated modular platform for your e-business.
door2parts - Ersatzteilkatalog, eCommerce und Shop Lösung
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog
door2parts - Interaktiver Ersatzteilkatalog door2parts is the software for the interactive spare parts catalog including variant resolution. The data is taken from interfaces (ERP, PLM / PDM, CAD, for example SAP), integrated into the system and interactively rendered on a user-friendly interface without any additional applications or plug-ins. Above all, door2parts is characterized by its complete eCommerce functionality, ease of use and individual customization options.
eZentrum - Internetshop
eZentrum: Ihr Webshop kommuniziert mit deLUXE-ERP - vollautomatisch und sicher
The eZentrum webshop is a perfect, flexible platform for online trading. eZentrum can be linked to the ERP system deLuxe so that the webshop efficiently receives all data from the company software and redundancies are avoided. eZentrum runs on high-performance servers and can be customised to your desired shop design. The system is certified by Trusted Shops, among others, and has received several awards.
A parameterizable, flexible web shop system with limitless design possibilities
Trade-System store software includes all the essential features that a powerful and scalable store system should have. High performance and extreme flexibility in combination with almost limitless design possibilities make the Trade-System an ideal solution for both store beginners and professionals. Trade-System is an eBusiness engine with which even individual eBusiness solutions can be realized cost-effectively.
For visionaries in online retail
For visionaries in online retail As an omni-channel e-commerce solution, 4SELLERS encompasses all major sales channels in one system and thus offers the option of setting up articles efficiently and perfectly adapted to the respective sales platform. Increase conversion rates with 4SELLERS and optimize the shopping experience. From automated order management and customer management to simple and parallel revision of articles and the option of internationalization: 4SELLERS allows you to professionalize your eCommerce!...
ERP / Enterprice Ressource Planning System / Merchandise management system
ERP / Enterprice Ressource Planning System / Merchandise management system ProMode GmbH is a medium-sized company. For 30 years, ProMode GmbH has been developing the innovative, powerful and extensive industry software ProMode. The ERP / merchandise management system ProMode is completely developed by ProMode GmbH and is constantly being further developed and adapted to the individual wishes of our customers. The company founders, shareholders and managing directors, Herbert Bayer, Dipl.-Ing. Informatik and Peter Rabenbauer, clothing technician, combine over 60 years of experience in the design and implementation of ERP solutions for fashion ...
Modular business software
Modular business software Odoo ERP is a flexible and modular solution that maps all company processes in a single system. All modules, workflows and integrations can be extended with little effort thanks to modern programming languages (Python, CSS, JS, HTML). You simply link exactly the modules you need. - booking and reservation system
Online - rental, lending and booking system - for your e-commerce supports you with all reservations and bookings and turns your website into a sales channel. Whether you want to map a sophisticated pricing system with seasonal prices, weekend and time of day dependent prices or a very simple pricing system, with everything is possible. Your data is safe with They are continuously secured and protected by Swiss data protection laws.
Prismamote Complete, effective software for retail and jewelers.
Checkout, online shop, warehouse management, customer supplier management in one software
Checkout, online shop, warehouse management, customer supplier management in one software Unsere innovative Softwarelösung revolutioniert die Art und Weise, wie Sie Geschäftsprozesse verwalten. Ob Juwelier, Einzelhändler oder Dienstleister – PrismaNote bietet eine integrierte Plattform, die nahtlos Registrierkassen, Online-Shops, Kundenbeziehungen und mehr miteinander verbindet. Unsere Cloud-Technologie bedeutet weniger Aufwand für Installation und Wartung, während unsere benutzerfreundliche Schnittstelle die Anpassung zum Kinderspiel macht. Mit PrismaNote steigern Sie Effizienz, Servicequalität und Zukunftsfähigkeit.
SOG ERP, WMS und E-Shop
SOG ERP, WMS und E-Shop
SOG ERP, WMS und E-Shop SOG ein Spezialist für den Großhandel, Import und Export. Wir bieten Ihnen ein ganzheitliches Software- und Beratungskonzept für Ihre Branche. Erhöhen Sie mit der Lösung SOG ERP, Lagerverwaltungssystem (WMS) und E-Shop Ihre Effizienz vom Ein- und Verkauf bis zum Informationsmanagement. Auch E-Commerce-Lösungen für B2B und ein online-basiertes Lagerverwaltungssystem (Scanner) bieten wir aus eigenem Hause an. Vertrauen Sie auf mehr als 30 Jahre Erfahrung im Groß- und Außenhandel sowie umfassendes Know-how.
Oktopus Pro
Centralised management of contact data, correspondence, appointments, orders, stock levels
Oktopus Pro includes all the necessary functions and modules for mapping retail processes, such as the automated processing of sales from retail platforms and various shop systems, the automatic transfer of sales data, the payment area (clearing) and the dispatch module. Oktopus Pro always shows you the current stock level and pre-orders. Use the integrated HTML editor, for example, to create product descriptions for the shop.
The flexible e-commerce platform for successful online trading
The flexible e-commerce platform for successful online trading OpenCart is powerful open source software specifically designed for building and running online stores. With its flexible and user-friendly platform, OpenCart offers companies the opportunity to quickly and easily set up their own professional e-commerce shop and be successful in online trading ...
Adobe Commerce
the powerful multi-channel commerce platform
the powerful multi-channel commerce platform Adobe Commerce, formerly Magento, offers an innovative platform to create a unique and customized e-commerce experience for B2C and B2B customers. Through the use of artificial intelligence and advanced data-sharing capabilities ...
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