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In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of PIM software and product information management systems. In product information management (PIM), product information is compiled in a central database in a media-neutral manner for the various output media (e.g., print catalogs, web stores, digital catalogs) and made available to sales or the various company locations.

The PIM software listed here are usually used for cross-media and market-specific product communication. They usually offers interfaces to ERP systems for the transfer of data for catalog production, presentations or documentation. Often the software contains modules for the configuration of different catalogs for different trading partners. Mostly, the PIM software supports the standardized and classified provision of product data with order and price information.

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4ALLPORTAL - PIM Software - Product Information Management
Enterprise PIM software with integrated DAM
Enterprise PIM software with integrated DAM One software 4ALL data! Use the 4ALLPORTAL PIM for central management of your data. Synchronize your metadata with your ERP system and other tools. Optimize your workflows and automate your work processes and routine tasks. Save yourself and your team time, costs and nerves and find your way back to productivity and creativity. Fixed contact person on the manufacturer side, experienced developer team, secure servers located in Germany. Book a demo now!...
Katwerk ECatalog
Catalog software, electronic product catalog, PDF export, eClass, BMECat
The catalog software product is a product information management tool that enables users to manage their product data quickly and easily. The tool offers a wide range of useful features that facilitate and improve working with product data.
Product Information Management (PIM) for Cross Media Publishing
crossbase is a flexible and modular cross-media publishing solution for your product information management. The software supports you in the user- and task-controlled processing of product information, which is stored media-neutrally and centrally in a database. The software scope includes various basic modules for the database application, a multilingual user interface, data import, web application server, product database, media asset management, catalog management, text management, workflow, print output and interfaces for ERP ...
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing
InterRed: Multi Channel Publishing The multi channel publishing or crossmedia publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry.
ERP | CRM | PIM | Merchandise Management | Business Intelligence - complete solution
ERP | CRM | PIM | Merchandise Management | Business Intelligence - complete solution The "Product Information Management" (PIM) integrated in deLUXE-ERP provides perfect support for the maintenance of article master data. This is because the management, maintenance and modification of product information (including images, data sheets, special prices, etc.) takes place in a centralised system in order to provide purchasing, production and communication-relevant data for multiple use.
Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten
Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten Thanks to the comprehensive and functional marketing asset management, with ConnectedWare you benefit from a clearly presented provision of information for marketing and sales. Data can be transferred dynamically from different systems and immediately forwarded to the production of printed materials by means of semi- or fully automatic generation.
Redaktionssystem TIM
TIM editorial system with the highly flexible metadata concept
TIM editorial system with the highly flexible metadata concept Fischer Information Technology AG is one of the most innovative providers in the segment of enterprise software for the continuous digitalisation of product information. 35 years of market presence testify not only to our innovative strength, but also to our company's understanding of the market and wealth of experience. With our robust, future-oriented software solutions, e.g. the TIM editorial system, we make all types of product information digitally usable throughout.
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