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Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten


Marketing Resource Management Software für Multi Channel Aktivitäten
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ConnectedWare – Where marketing gets done!

Do you want to enable the marketing and advertising department in your company to manage media and marketing data more optimally? Or do you want to automate multi-channel activities? Or maybe the planning and controlling in your marketing department needs a little optimization? Then you will fully benefit from the ConnectedWare software as it professionally updates your marketing resource management. With its tool, ConnectedWare GmbH has developed an easy-to-use marketing software that can be used in a modular way without having to be installed beforehand.

The freely scalable software is web-based and offers you in your company the advantage that the performance remains secured even with very large amounts of data. ConnectedWare can be used in planning as well as in production or in controlling and budgeting. The software contains a special app technology, which results in numerous additional functions for you, ranging from checklists, newsletters and social media to print store, ContactManager and media manager for your partners and branches.

Your advantages when using the ConnectedWare software:

  • individual customization options for diverse customer requirements
  • transparent tool for various planning tasks such as marketing campaigns, projects, events, trade fairs and more
  • recurring processes and planning are stored in the know-how memory
  • practical marketing asset management like image databases, PIM system
  • simple and, if required, dynamic data transfer from different systems
  • optional semi-automatic or automatic generation and production of required printed materials
  • simple task distribution and management thanks to multi-client capability
  • clear budget management thanks to KPIs, invoice control and target/actual comparisons
  • increased transparency thanks to templates, workflows and checklists
  • cost and time savings in the production of catalog, web and print media
  • improved quality through error prevention and reusability
  • cross-departmental
  • increased efficiency in individual departments
  • external and internal communication improvement
  • clear design of multidimensional activities for advertising and cross-channel marketing measures
  • shortened planning effort and reduced correction cycles
  • better cost management of marketing expenditures
  • minimization of risks in marketing investments
  • multilingual
  • web-based
  • network-compatible
  • can be installed locally directly on the web browser
  • can also be accessed on mobile devices, as iOS and Android are supported

Target groups:

Marketing and advertising departments of companies that want to manage marketing data and media, need marketing planning and controlling or want to automate multi-channel activities.


Reference excerpt:

  • Furniture retail chain, Europe-wide/multilingual in operation.
  • Purchasing group with high partner marketing share
  • Wholesale of hairdressing accessories
  • Producer of fittings
  • International university - distance learning
  • Accessories trade for agriculture
  • Software producer
  • Garden retail chain
  • Plant engineering group

Excerpt of our reference projects:

Furniture retail chain, Europe-wide/multilingual in operation

Topic: Marketing data management, scheduling, coordination and tracking of all product promotions, semi-automatic catalog generation and creation of promotional print varieties, automatic creation of price tags for storefronts.

Areas of application

  • Complete management of marketing data in CW (image data, marketing texts, etc.)
  • Inclusion of the ERP
  • Planning of all campaign print types for Europe via Page Planner
  • Automatic pre-generation of the promotion print types in InDesign
  • Automatic creation of price tags matching a promotion for the showrooms


  • Faster searching and finding through central data storage
  • All marketing information in one system
  • Faster production of advertising and price labels
  • Drastic reduction of lead times

What the customer says

  • Uniform platform and information system for all brings more transparency
  • Time savings in the production of printed materials
  • Only one entry necessary
  • Everyone knows what needs to be done and schedules are adhered to


Purchasing group with high partner marketing share

Subject: extensive marketing planning with comprehensive reporting options for information to the commissioning partners, planning, organization and controlling of approx. 1500 campaigns annually in the system

Areas of application

  • Planning of all marketing services for partners
  • Versatile delimitation (dimensions) for clear grouping of campaigns and activities
  • Input option of key figures from other, executing systems and inclusion of the key figures in the integrated controlling dashboard


  • Planning of all marketing services for 5,000 partners
  • Mapping of projects per country and partner
  • Alarm system for task completion and day reminder

What the customer says

  • Better overview of all tasks to be performed
  • Only one-time item maintenance necessary
  • Compact all information clearly arranged in one place
  • Easy to use
  • Comprehensive mapping of all activities

Hairdressing accessories wholesale

Topic: Marketing data management, annual planning of the catalog and semi-automatic catalog generation

Areas of application

  • Complete management of marketing data in CW (image database, marketing texts)
  • Planning of the annual main catalog via Page Planner
  • Automatic pre-generation of the catalog in InDesign
  • Agency does the fine-tuning and charges a page price as usual - without having to set the pages.


  • Overview stock level of article or article series
  • All information for graphic designer thereby generatable
  • Reduction of lead times

What the customer says

  • Better overview of articles and images
  • Easy replacement of images in case of article changes
  • No dragging along of "picture garbage
  • Simple compilation of article information
  • Faster catalog creation and thus cost savings

Producer of fittings

Topic: Marketing data management (unification of digital asset management including the merchandise management system), planning of the annual catalog and semi-automatic catalog generation

Areas of application

  • Uniform structuring of previously chaotic data
  • Creation of a uniform data source
  • Workflow standardization for catalog generation
  • Creation of the product catalog through the Catalogue Planner (InDesign PlugIn)


  • Clean article data structure with article information and media
  • Faster production of extensive print catalogs and thus
  • more up-to-date print catalogs

What the customer says

  • Only one-time maintenance of article data for catalog and web shop
  • Faster catalog production and no copying errors

Accessories trade for agriculture

Topic: upstream process optimization in marketing, marketing data management (unification of digital asset management including the merchandise management system), planning of the annual catalog and semi-automatic catalog generation

Application areas

  • Uniform structuring of previously chaotic data (20,000 articles)
  • Creation of a uniform data source with CW Digital Asset Management
  • Workflow standardization for catalog generation
  • Creation of the product catalog using the Page Planner (InDesign PlugIn)


  • Automatic synchronization with merchandise management
  • Better organization of image storage and central management of advertising data
  • Halving of the throughput time of the catalog production

What the customer says

  • Better article data maintenance and image management
  • Halving of lead time in catalog production
  • Without ConnectedWare we would need another employee
  • Great help and time saving

Software producer

Topic: Planning and support for all marketing activities, CMS for website, customer portal

Areas of application

  • Automatic filling of dynamic areas of the website
  • Planning of marketing activities (e.g. trade show appearance, events)
  • Newsletter distribution and social media feeds
  • Contact management


  • Central data management
  • Find and edit all information in one place
  • Easier advance planning and budgeting of marketing activities

What the customer says

  • Convenient feeding of all media channels from one system
  • Find everything in one place quickly and efficiently
  • Cost overview at the touch of a button
Contact information:
Ms. Kathrin Aigner
0043 (1) 798 4300 73
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Functions (excerpt) of ConnectedWare:

2D representation
Filing structures
Sales planning
sales plan management
Change orders
Change documentation
Ad management
article and article group data
Article analysis
article data
Article storage
Article master data maintenance
Asset management
Task management
Order times
Automatic conversion
User management
Image and document management
Image enlargement function
Image library
Picture gallery
Image folder
Image generation
Image management
Channel Management
Content-Management-System (CMS)
CMYK preview
project groups
Corporate design
File naming
file management
Data analysis
Data storage
Data maintenance
Data Collection
Data synchronization
Digital Kiosk
Document display
Print function
Print functions Preview
Integration of company logos and images
External content
Gift card management
Graphics in documents
Size editing
Manufacturer catalogs
Real estate management
Content overview
Innovation campaigns
Campaign Visualization
Campaign management
Classification, assortments
Communication tools
Image conversion
Customer and consumer behavior
Customer accounts
Customer portal
Custom branding
Customer management
Marketing codes
Marketing tools
Material catalogs
Media library
Metadata Management
multidimensional sales planning
Multimedia Content
Multimedia data
Multimedia tools
Multiple campaigns
Multi-project controlling
Sample management
online display
Online reputation
Package creation
Planning sections
Planning aids
Planning documents
Price lists
Price list and currency wizards
Product and category displays
Product content
Product publications
Product data
Product database
Product data management
product number
Project evaluations
Project budgeting
Project controlling
Project data acquisition
Project Management
Project planning
Project statistics
Project templates
Project timing
Project time recording
Promotion Planning
Publication groups
Role Management
Rights management
Travel plans
Product characteristics
Selective color
Social Media
social media channels
Special offers
Master data management
Tagging function
Text module management
Transaction management
Translate web pages
Translation assistance
Variant management
Sales statistics
Version control
Procedure Models Project Management
Template management
Preview function
Web to print
Web client for printing
Advertising campaign functions
Advertising Management
Distribution of advertising material
Workflow management
Drawing management
Target groups
Target group marketing
Second currencies


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Modular structure

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Technical specifications:

SaaS, Cloud:
On-premises (local installation):
Multi-user (network-compatible):
Multi-client compatible:
for a fee
possible for a fee
First installation (year):
Manufacturer based in:
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Installation support:
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Manual, Online Help, Demo version, Technical documentation
Dialogue language(s):
English, German
System requirements:
Compatible operating systems (runs with):
Win 11
Win 10
Win Server
Mainframe based
Unix based
Linux based
Mac OS
Mobile OSs (supports):
Old Compatible Operating Systems:
Win 8
Win 7
data storage medium:
Flash memory