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Software for PDM, EDM - current market overview

Product data management (PDM) comprises the organizational tasks and regulations for handling the product data that are created or required during the entire product life cycle. This also includes data from new product launches or product change processes, the engineering data management (EDM). Product data management supports the reuse of existing components as well as standardization. A PDM system covers the secure management of product data and usually includes versioning functions. It is therefore also a building block for PLM.

In this SoftGuide section, you will find an overview of software and solutions relating to the overlapping topics of EDM (Engineering Data Management) and PDM (Product Data Management). With the help of this software, the product- and production-oriented storage of files and documents can be designed as well as the product data creation can be optimized. As a rule, the listed software solutions offer process support for the release of drawings and versioning of products and often include complete process and workflow management. Cross-departmental management of information and data is also usually supported.

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4ALLPORTAL - PIM Software - Product Information Management
PIM System: Die Kontrolle über Ihr Datenchaos
PIM System: Die Kontrolle über Ihr Datenchaos
The Product Information Management module from 4ALLPORTAL saves all product data including product texts, documents, photos, etc. This product information can be stored in multiple languages and can be used in a wide variety of output channels such as online shops, apps, sales platforms, etc. Improve data quality and strengthen your customers' purchasing decisions!...
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